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Ambleramble: to ask general questions, thoughts on anything
AmblesideOnline: this is for specific CURRICULUM questions,any particulars about any of the things used in the ambleside curriculum.
Ambleside Year 0, at Ambleside they have information on year 0, and at the group they have year 0.5 guidelines, schedules and suggested book list, and consecutive years. The Years 1,2 etc are not very populated lists, many people ask about curriculum in the AmblesideOnline group. But Year 0 is a very populated list because they ask anything about school, curriculum, homeschooling or anything pertaining to those years since they can't properly be asked at the ambelsideonline that starts with year 1.Discussions are very lively and varied, they truly can answer any question with lots of wisdom and care.

Ambleside online new users page, it's a good starting point. You don't have to read or get familiar with it in a day, week, month or year. If you want to see a general overview of ALL the books employed in this curriculum for the different subjects, go to Access to the Classics and click on Ambleside ALL and you'll see the richness and thoughtfulness of the program.


Afterthoughts: Brandy Vencel has four children, one in year 4 and one in year 1 this year, two younger. Here is the link to her AMBLESIDE related posts. She is very wise and down to earth. All her explanations of what they do in her home are backed with CM quotes, which makes reading CM possible, even if only through her well researched and simple posts.

Charlotte Mason Help: The first time I visited this blog, I totally missed it. It may seem cryptic if you have never read or done any Mason stuff. It's wonderful. Lindafay has her own curriculum and yahoo group. Sometimes Lindafay suggests a book later than ambleside for a year or two, but there is not way to be wrong with either one or a mix of your own. Long ago I've come to the conclusion that I'll never be Lindafay, or Brandy, or any of my admired friends. But I'm enjoying who we are... it's fine, the girls will be alright...even if we start using any packed curriculum.

Pam from the Passionate Homeschooler is another amazing mom of 12 children, I believe 8 still being taught at home. She is super savvy, she has been doing this a long time. Some of her posts may be a bit strange if you are not into that practice yet, I find them fascinating, even when we are not doing what she talks about. That's  good knowledge I storage for future references, it's great to see how all CM principles look in REAL LIFE and with MANY KIDS. If she can do it, we can too!, at least in some years time. Be patient too, one can't in a season be as these seasoned women.

Nancy, from Sage Parnassus. Nancy is a very approachable and warm person. I've written to her with doubts at moments when things were not going well and she has always taken the time to write me back. She is a CM studious and speaker at an amazing CM annual retreat I only wish I could ever attend... sigh. But what she is most proud about it's of truly following CM principles at her home with all her children who vary in age, from elementary to high school, and she truly loves the type of education, character and persons they become because of this education and of course, their family strong ties and values.

Stephanie, at the Broad Room, is my current mentor and the lady I'm translating for. She has her Charlotte Mason Made Easy course, , another course for grammar, for later, and many free resources in her blog. The course are 12 gratifying weeks in which Stephanie holds your hand and guides you with simplicity and very effectively through an outlook of a true CM education. She has also a free CM biography, book suggestions, etc. She is Karen Andreola's contemporary. Speaking of which, did you know she has a blog? It's so amazing Mrs. Karen answers to comments by people like us. Her wisdom and dedication are admirable. It's a peek into her own home, and you'll be very inspired by her warm and homey blog that has also heaps of true cm wisdom.

Cindy at Ordo Amoris is uber CM savvy :), a lady with humor and wit who has an amazing family populated with interesting and sweet teens, and who has two sons who have their own beautiful families. She has the cutest grandchildren and gets to travel to the nicest places. She nails CM, she truly does. Just check her posts on her and while at her blog, on anything, and you'll have troubles leaving the computer screen.

Then Jenny, from Grace and Loving Chaos. She has five children, the oldest in 8 grade, 6 grade the next, 1 grade or 2nd, and two not in 'school'. You should read her posts where she talks about how they have been slowly transitioning very successfully to a more CM oriented education. She is very real and embraces the CM spirit with grace, and she shows IT CAN BE DONE with multiple children.

Don't miss Charlotte Mason in the City. Two older children, 10 and 12 or so, and totally inspiring gal. This post was GREAT,  There is another in which she says how her daughter was having difficulties with math, and how she gently reversed the situation very much Mason style, or the common sense way.

Jeanne from Australia at A Peaceful Home, is one of the most book savvy, history and geography savvy, and many more things people I know. Her blog talks about lots of stuff, personal life, CM, anything and everything, and all interesting, so if you go to her labels and click on say, science, or geography, or FOLK SONGS specially, or any specifics, you'll find LOTS of good CM wisdom. She has one daughter, Jemmimah, who is sweet, cute, and very smart.

Piney Woods is Kathy's blog, and she is the moderator of ambleside year 0, excellent blog, simple, concise, and specially, excellent answers always from Kathy at the list.

Finally, you all know Simple Charlotte Mason. I have not bought any from them yet, but I have read many of their free PDF or Kindle now free books and I enjoy their articles. I can only say that they have everything you may need, but yet you may not need everything they have. I'll find out about what I'll be doing first, do not buy before you know you can do without the product. Most of CM principles do not need much and if you introduce one thing at a time you'll be very able to produce your own materials for next to nothing and find the books for not much, or research well your purchases.

Where else do you go to for encouragement and wisdom?

**** More blogs added after publishing the first post ****
My apologies to Amy Fisher from Fisher Academy International Teaching Home. She is pure Charlotte Mason!

Many more of you follow Charlotte Mason, please do not take it personal if I did not include you, I wouldn't have even included my blog, I'M SERIOUS. I've just mentioned those who have quantity and quality Charlotte Mason posts that explain her methods, comment extensively her work, and are using Ambleside or the Charlotte Mason method exclusively and who have been doing this for quite some time and with different ages as well as in different parts of the world.

8 opinion(s):

...they call me mommy... said...

Oh my word. I'm drooling here, Silvia! :) HEEHEE! Can't wait to check these out. Thanks for all the great resources!

Oh and I love the owl at the bottom of your blog! :)

lisa said...

Wow, Sylvia! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?! ;)
Thanks you sooooo much!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Thanks so much for including me on this list, I'm humbled. I'm so blessed to meet some like minded kindred spirits on line and I can now call you friends ;). I'm excited there are a few you mentioned I'll be checking out as well :)

Jeanne said...

I too am humbled by the inclusion. Thanks, Silvia. There are a couple of new ones for me to explore as well!

Silvia said...

Jenny and Jeanne, this is a very subjective list, and all I know is that I could not leave any of you two out since you are an inspiration in general, but also totally inspirational in all that has to do with our beloved Miss Mason.

Nancy said...

And you, my dear, would be on my "subjective" list if I were to post one. I'm smiling with gratefulness at your mention of my blog.

Sursum Corda,


Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

Well, I'm not sure I belong on a list like THAT--those *other* ladies are *amazing*! But thank you for the link; you are very kind. I read most of those blogs, so I'll have to check out the ones I'm missing. :)

Silvia said...

Thank you Nancy, you also fill my heart with warmth and love.

Brandy, you are like all the women in this list very humble. You belong at the TOP of any CM list! Hugs to you and to your brave girl who is now going through all those dental treatments!


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