Wake Up Call

These past two weeks have been of great turmoil. My husband is sick. He has been sick since the beginning of July, I did not understand the whole scope of this until a few days ago, but I have been sensing something wasn't quite right the whole summer. He has nothing life threatening, but we are still going to the doctors and trying to figure out how to get rid of his ailment. It is a challenging time for us, but we know God will take care of him and restore his health in His time. This has been our wake up call to do better as a couple.

We finished our weekly readings, we played some math games and did some math, the girls worked and played, we had a more or less stable routine. Week 6 was fine, week 7, or this past week, was a bit weaker, my mind wasn't there and Tuesday I was with my husband for 7 hours at the ER. But as I say, he has nothing critical. I have reflected and thought I may have not giving him the attention he merits this year, I could find excuses, but there are none. So we'll take this difficulty as an opportunity to grow as a couple, and to come out of this stronger.

It is difficult to go on with your homeschool plans when there is illness in the family, I can't imagine how to keep going on in the aftermath of any catastrophe or bigger tragedy. I can't but think of my friend Jeanne and her post today too. My moral and spirits, and my energy weren't much there these past weeks, but as I'm typing this, I'm feeling a bit better. I've finished The Making and Unmaking of a Dullard, which I STRONGLY recommend. Charlotte Mason followers, you will enjoy this book much.

Two Mondays ago we did the most bizarre nature walk I don't recommend, :) I truly believe the girls will remember me as their weird mom who made them walk among the side road under a scorching heat, with grass so tall that it was impossible to advance, and I admit, maybe dangerous, as I thought after we did it. I never thought those flowers you see while you drive by the road could be so difficult to get to. I had read Outside Lies Magic and I was determined to explore, even in the city, a city like mine, with no sidewalks, with bikers who risk their life in those narrow spaces between them and our pick up trucks, and where waking is simply something that only the homeless and suspicious people do. But there is beauty to be seen. Sometimes, when you are forced to drive very slow in traffic, your eye can meet from wild flowers to cattle, to gorgeous black birds and crows, and even some deer we glanced one night back from church at the light of the moonlight in a dreamy flash.

I'm almost finished with the translation of CMME. I'm on the last lesson, lesson twelve, and I can't say enough how gratifying this experience it has been for me. Many things make sense now, I've grown a bit in knowledge of Charlotte Mason, the course has made possible to truly read and translate the originals, which I have not always had the energy or will to read by myself, and which are truly intimidating and complicated. Reading some of CM's work in lieu of Stephanie's lessons, has always been much easier to understand, and to see how to apply it to our everyday. Reading Cindy's posts on her full reading of School Education has been greatly inspiring too. You CAN read CM's originals too, and understand them, and know what to do with all that wisdom and inspiration you'll be getting.

That's all for now! Take care, my friends, and thanks for reading and caring for us!

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Grace'n'Chaos said...

Oh Silvia, I'm so sorry your family is going through this. I will hold your husband and you in my prayers.

Your picture is lovely!!

Silvia said...

Thanks, Jenny. I'm sure he will be fine, it's just a matter of time and faith.

Much love!

Sarah said...

Dear Sylvia, sorry to hear about your hardships, praying for you and your husband. xxx

...they call me mommy... said...

Wow! Sorry about your husband! Prayed for wisdom for the doctors!

I've been wondering what our school year is going to look like after I have a baby in January. This was a good post for me. Any thoughts on how I should plan after baby?


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I echo the other commenters and say I am sorry to hear about your husband, though I'm also relieved to hear his ailment is not life-threatening. Of course it is hard to concentrate on anything during such an unsettling time. The lesson of providing attention and care to our family is more important than any schoolwork, so please don't stress if school plans need to be altered.

And yes, what a crazy exploration you went on! My father loved to stop for wildflowers along the roadside and I have memories of treks exactly as you described! Did you ever reach the flowers?!?

Charlotte Mason in the City said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silvia said...

Thank you to all of you... It's nice to know others care for us.

They call me mommy... yes, having a baby is so much nicer a 'disruption' to your school year than illness, but it can be a stress if you don't submit to the idea that the baby and the joy and changes in life it brings it's much more important than keeping the pace you'd like to have for your studies... so I'll tell you to enjoy the baby without reservations, and work all together to come back to a routine that includes some of the nice learning that takes place in your home naturally.

CM in the city... yes. We reached the flowers. The first picture is one of them. That week the girls drew them but on microsoft paint on the computer, :) instead of water colors.

I truly hope this should pass. Today my dh could sleep only a few hours, again he had to wake up to use the bathroom and now he is still in some discomfort. We are going to the doctor tomorrow and see what else he tells us. It is weakening more than painful, and a challenge to the mind, it is lasting so long his constant bother. And the meds, if they are working, they are surely not working any fast.
We are just taking it one day at a time. And once more, I thank YOU ALL for your care and interest.


gotjoy3 said...


I will be in prayer about this and pray that God's Hand will be so amazing in all of it.

Anonymous said...

Lo siento mucho. Como esta tu marido ahora?
Las madres a veces nos enfocamos tanto en los hijos y en la casa q nos olvidamos de los maridos.
Si, eso puede pasar. orare por vosotros.


Silvia said...

Mucho mejor, Carolina. Qué gusto oirte... sí, ni más ni menos que eso nos estaba pasando, así que en cierta medida esto ha sido algo muy bueno, porque hemos reconectado mucho más, le hacía falta mis mimos y cariño...
Aún tiene cierta molestia y está atrasado de sueño, pero hoy el doctor le ha dicho que no es nada serio ni físico, que puede cortar medicinas y todo y que se irá sintiendo mejor por sí solo, con ejercicio y relajación.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your husband -- I'll be praying for him.

Those Texas sunflowers are so beautiful -- they grew abundantly along all the fencelines when we lived in San Angelo. Love em.

I'm reading The Making and Unmaking of a Dullard, too. I've just gotten to the part where he talks about looking into your childhood memories... so interesting.

Silvia said...

It's a fantastic book Kelly. One of the best reads of this year along with Poetic Knowledge and Ideas Have Consequences.

My husband is doing better... maybe I'll write about it, but I can tell in the comments that life sometimes gets hard, and he was keeping worries and things to himself that made a big situation out of a small thing. Now that he knows he has 'nothing' serious, he is healing.

Something good is coming from this, because we have gotten closer, and he is learning to letting things out.

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Just checking in to see how things are going and to let you know friends in the cyber world are thinking of you.

Nancy said...

Had a quick minute, stopped by and read this post. Silvia! I had no idea you were dealing with this. I will lift you and your husband and daughters up in prayer for the peace that passes all understanding.

Hugs from here,


Silvia said...

Thanks Nancy, CM in the city, and all.
He is doing much better. I truly believe he is recovering. He has been sleeping a bit better each night, and his days are improving.

This was totally new to me, so it has been a great learning experience, to have a 'normal' life with illness around, and to specially to always pay attention to my husband. I can say that life, the girls, etc. but those are excuses, sometimes wake up calls are not all negative but help you make needed changes in life.
Ah, I´ve also come to see how many people care for us.


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