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For those who are not signed up to receive Maria Miller email or blog updates, I share her amazing free Piano Lessons.

We use her Math Mammoth program in conjunction with Kitchen Table Math and we love it.

For music though, my oldest is playing recorder and using Progressive Recorder, another program with a CD, DVD and booklet that I highly recommend.

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Grace'n'Chaos said...

Oh Silvia, this is so wonderful! My son got a keyboard piano for Christmas, has been wanting lessons; but we just haven't found something reasonable for him. Due to time committment and cost. Bookmarked it and plan on showing them to him. Would love to hear, how you use it in your home?

Silvia said...

Ha ha ha ha... I am not using it! It was just launch today. I have my girls on the recorder, with progressive recorder which is a DVD program, btw, they have progressive piano too, and if you exhaust Maria's Lessons, I'm not sure how the piano program would be, but I can say the recorder program is great.

Once we come back from Europe, in January, our family will give us the funds to buy the girls a digital piano, and then I'll try to use this. But my take is that they watch her, and let her teach them. Maria is a wonderful teacher. There are some of her math videos in youtube, one for fractions, and they are great.

I'll be killed for saying this, but children don't need piano lessons, swim lessons, or much... at least initially and for a good while. Read LindaFay's advice on this too

Good luck and let me know!


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