Theophilos (a desire to grow in His Word)

Sometimes we have jewels forlorn in the drawers. Today at my friend's home I was encouraged to improve my Bible studies. The daily readings to read the Bible in a year are not sufficient to me. If the Bible is our guide, it should be our first and most desired reading and living every day of our life. I knew we have also a program that may facilitate my Bible studies. I installed it today in my computer. It's called Theofilos, but I'm sure there are many different ones, and free, and some may want to do it with books, others with a combination of the screen, Bibles, Kindle (I admit for linear reading to be the nicest choice to me).

I like how my friend told me yesterday she wakes up earlier than her children, reads from the Scriptures, and meditates about it throughout the day. And in the afternoon, she goes to her computer and looks at the commentaries, Hebrew or Greek words of relevance, and Bible, her physical one and the other help on the computer to further understand His Word.

So I'll start where I am at, with Nehemiah, Artaxerxes, and rebuilding of the walls of Jericho, and once I do my Reina Valera readings in my case in the evenings, I'll study further in the morning. Anytime is a good time to grow in His Word.

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Jeanne said...

It is always good to be encouraged in this area. Thanks!


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