Manners and Etiquette

I wanted to write about manners and etiquette, and today in the ambleside lists somebody inquired about it so I thought it was due.

The first book I bought on manners was Soup Should Be Seen, Not Heard, and the girls like to listen to and see the pictures of different sections. It is so much fun to read how to eat, how to answer a phone call. They truly retain much and then they say, "dad", or "mom", remember not to do... or remember to always...

After that book, and unbeknown to me, I kept buying at sales and on occasion more books that were about manners, and my collection now has these titles:

Phoebe's Revolt (I adore this book by Natalie Babbitt, I have a weakness for early nineteen hundred books), and the girls relate to it.

The Thingumajig Book of MannersThe Thingumajig Book of Manners is fun and such a great book to have.

Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book is a classic in my family. The girls love Lowly, the worm.

Pierre by Maurice Sendak is whimsical and allows children to say I DON'T CARE much because it's in the book, reliesing those words they shouldn't say in 'real life', ha ha ha.

Perfet Pigs is a nice book by Marc Brown too. Pigsty is another good one.

From the Children Book of Virtues, the story of Please is a ULTRA FAVORITE.

Munro Leaf has several, we have read Manners Can Be Fun, but he has How to Speak Politely & Why, How to Behave and Why, Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun: And Lots of Other Good Ideas for How to Grow Up Healthy, Strong, and Smart, Munro Leaf's Fun Book: Manners Can be Fun, Grammar Can be fun, Safety Can be Fun. Actually I didn't know about those other titles I'm linking to, but I'm going to see if they are at the library and keep an eye when I go book hunting.

Madeleine says merci is the our next library request, but I presume it's going to delight us, we love Madeleine. And Mind Your Manners is a book in rhyme that was also hilarious to read with nice vocabulary.

Then you have Noisy Nora, it gave us a good talk about why Nora is behaving rudely. I like books that touch on manners and etiquette but that are not the goody goody that Charlotte Mason cautioned us against.

At An Old Fashioned Education, this is her section on Etiquette and Manners, I got The Goop Directory for the kindle, and it is fun to see those big head Goops.

For older children, a mom at Ambleside recommends Protocol Matters: Cultivating Social Graces in Christian Homes and Schools

All these books we read "at random" with the exception of Soup Should be Seen, Not Heard, which we used last year as a "spine" for etiquette.

Let me know of other titles you use for this topic, please!

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Jeanne said...

Some great titles here. We think manners are really important as well.


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