Fourth of July

The Indian Moon Moth or Indian Luna Moth (Actias selene)
We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration and weekend too! Today we painted some, and I can get lost drawing. I drew some of our figs and a piece of okra, we have another plentiful batch, so our friends will be happy recipients of many figs these days, and Blue Heart drew a Moth Moon Butterfly copying from this book we got for 40 cents at a library sale.

Fig, Ficus Carica

Click on picture to read more about figs.

We need to do like HER and do our nature walks early in the morning. At the time when I wanted to go outside and paint outdoors it was impossibly hot, but those days will come and I know then we may end up doing that more than once a week.

For math we worked on number families, and that's truly easy to do without paper, we used counters and our fingers too, and my oldest read two lessons from the First McGuffey Reader book

My husband read parts of the Declaration of Independence to the girls, as well as George Washington Picture Book. 

I'm about to finish Friel book of short stories. This is such a great book, a collection of short stories that compose to me a landscape of an Irish heritage, narrated by a man who observed nature and man with passion. I love Friel's bitter sweet humor and his straightforward yet very picturesque use of language.

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Pam... said...

Just got home from late fireworks, not to mention the parade, book sale, and time at the grammas and her lake. I even swam!
Just wanted to say that if those are your two paintings, they are very nice.
Camping this week. See ya'll later!

Sarah said...

Hey Silvia, I am so blessed by your comment on my blog today, thank you :D! Beautiful pictures here! xxx

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Silivia, The art looks wonderful. My children have been begging to go to the Natural History Museums' Butterfly Pavilion. The Luna is one of their favorites, especially since they know what that means. ;)

Silvia said...

Pam, HAVE FUN. I read your post on CM and drawing and painting... wow, how important it was for her! I'm the more encouraged to keep it up, and that's one of our favorites.
Yes, the figs is my painting, the luna moth my oldest girl.

Grace, sí, nosotras también disfrutamos de los nombres en español, como "Marguerite" en el post de Pam, Margaritas.

Hugs, Sarah. I'm glad to have found you again in the blogosphere! :))


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