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Yes, we use the Bible for our Bible study, and read from it, and memorize verses. However, with a 4 year old, and a 6 year old, I have always looked for a good Children Bible to get a narrative loyal to the Bible, not watered down, but a bit more flowing narrative for support.

The Children's Bible (Golden Press #16520)The first Children Bible I bought, was Classic Bible Storybook, in an older edition. I then found this one in Spanish, Historias de la biblia ilustradas, which they have in different languages, and lately I found The Children Bible, which has been there forever, my friend and husband had this Bible when they were children.

But in our hs group a lady was giving Catherine Vos books for free, and I took them with the intention of giving them away if they were of no use to us. And let me tell you I absolutely recommend her three volumes on the Bible. Her text is full of Bible verses, and her narrative is loyal to the text, at least the first volume. Reading her volumes in conjunction with the Bible itself, make for a solid understanding of the Old Testament accounts. I recommend her books.

Child's Story Bible: Genesis-RuthChild's Story Bible: New Testament The Child's Story Bible
Plus volume two that had no image HERE. Or the three volumes together.

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dawn said...

Our family is part-way through the Gospels in the Vos Bible, after reading by sections almost every day for the past year, and cannot recommend it enough. We've loved it!

Silvia said...

I'm great you say that. Don't you like how she makes it flow without adding or deviating, but with historical knowledge coming straight from the Scriptures? I'm glad you tell me the New Testament is as good as what I have read in the old!

So friends, if you can spot your copy, don't hesitate!

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Silvia, great resources. I wish I could see the inside of the Children's Bible, I like the outside cover. I'm also keeping an eye out for the Vos books : )

Silvia said...

Grace'n'Chaos... I like The Children's Bibles, the text is loyal to the Bible, but it's not as complete as Vos' work. The illustrations are wonderful, good taste illustrations that teach in themselves. I got that one for 40 cents, I see it's cheap at Amazon, but you always have to pay shipping. If I did not have any of these resources, I'll save up for the III volumes compiled Vos The Child's Story Bible, definitely, and look in used book stores, etc, for one with just good illustrations to simply see them at the time of reading Vos' text. Her text has great quality, as your children get older, Vos' Bible will not be outgrown, the other children Bibles will.

...they call me mommy... said...

I dug around today and FOUND The Children's Bible on my shelves! I'm so glad as I've been wanting to use it! :) I am seriously looking at using your schedule (the way you group things by day- certain subjects) this year! I want to give it a try! VERY EXCITED! Thanks! Question: With the hymns, folk songs, artists, composer, etc you had that just listed next to your week...does that mean you just put it in where you can or are you doing those EACH day? Thanks!

Silvia said...

Great, they call me mommy! I'm soooo excited for you.
The hymns and folk songs, and the foreign language video or song, I do them in the week as I see fit, and Friday, our 'left over' day, if we have not sang or seen those, we do it then. Also I'm leaving my art study (they simply look and narrate a picture) for Friday, and I also read a book of the few we have for music. Our composer is not really composer, it's The Orchestra, and I have a CD we listen in the car often, and if nothing else, on Friday go ahead and do some music (it can be listening or seeing Peter and the Wolf, etc). The trick to all these extras to me, it's to plan just a bit for the quarters, repeat them in your plans for months or at least A WHOLE MONTH, and do them in the week, and when everything else fails, Friday or even Saturday. They are fun and take little. That's also key, just a brief time, and I feel we are getting more, but we are not nailing it yet! However, I'm relaxed and have faith that we'll gain experience and improve. At least, those extras are somehow happening round here for the first time ever! :))))

Silvia said...

I forgot to say that those extras are like candy, and wonderful things to transition or break the pace after math, or reading aloud, or writing... we sit and sing, or watch something for 10 minutes...
I also forgot to say that Friday is when we sometimes draw too, nature or not nature!

Silvia said...

not break the pace... more like changing rhythm nicely

...they call me mommy... said...

Thank you, Silvia! After looking back at some of your other weeks, I saw what you were doing with all those other things! Great ideas!!!!

Silvia said...

You're welcome, Amy. I have to say that today it was Isaac's lesson, and as you can see some Children Bibles leave this out. That was the case with The Children Bible. I don't have Vos books because my friend is looking at them, so I went ahead and read the Bible, which they usually do with my husband, selected verses for the lesson that come in the Student Booklet with the program we use, but nothing you couldn't do yourself at home. So just be aware that many details, and whole accounts, are left out from these Bibles.

I wish you tons of luck and fun! It's good to even with baby and all, have your goals and aspirations, even when they will be SO NICELY stopped for a while with the new addition to your already lovely family.


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