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This was my pick. It was hard, they have so many.

These past months I decided to let my hair be its own color. I still have lots of my dark brunette color and many silver highlights that I thought useless to keep coloring. Mind I still like you if you color your hair, :) it's just a personal mid life crisis decision. It's a bit hard to let the gray grow and not feel you are looking a bit like a skunk, so to help with that feeling and to get inspired, I got a  chic haircut (I find it chick :) and new glasses for this grand total.

Subtotal $6.95
Shipping & Handling $4.95
Grand Total $11.90

With Zenni Optical you only pay shipping once! All you do it's to input your eye information from the paper you get at the optic, be sure to ask them from your pupil distance. They may tell you that's when you order glasses, but more and more people order online, and it's a number they can provide too. I prefer that than to rely on measuring the distance between my pupils with a ruler, though I did that with my neighbor's son the first time we order for him, and it worked. This is the fourth pair I've ordered online, saving me hundreds of dollars. You can order bifocals, and with progressive tinted glass, you can even pick a coat and make prescription sunglasses. For the price, it's very much worth the try.

Four years ago, I did research and many wrote they got great results. The first time I paid 19 for the glasses and 4.95 shipping, they are still my best glasses, they have not chipped or gotten scratched. They are my comfortable glasses, I wear them at home and sometimes to go out. I ordered a second pair later, it's very cute, similar to this black pair but brown with iced flowers on the temples, and from glasses unlimited, which used to have ALL GLASSES FOR 10 DOLLARS and recently raised their prices, I got a half rim red pair I also love. It's the lightest of them three. Since my hair is looking more in the black white hues, I thought a black pair may work, the frame is same size and shape than my brown ones, so I know it will work in that regard.  So now with the coloring kit savings, I can order myself two pair of glasses a year, or a few books to celebrate I'm forty and hair color free!

Glasses Retailers Information and Reviews HERE.

4 opinion(s):

Marvan said...

Now this post should have a picture of yourself!!! ;) LOL

Silvia said...

:) I may put one up as soon as I get them!They mail them to Europe too.

Marvan said...

Now I actually ment the haircut LOL

Silvia said...

I meant a picture of me wearing them, so the haircut would be included! Ha, ha ha.


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