Ambleside Year 1, Week 5

I can't believe we finished our 5th week of school!
The highlight of the week was this KALE, I prepared twice. I can't get enough of it! It's delicious.


MONDAY: Science and  Natural History. (Our nature walk once   a week)
TUESDAY: Literature and Poetry
WEDNESDAY: Geography and Biography
FRIDAY: Leftovers
EVERYDAY: Recorder practice

HYMN: Trust and Obey, How Long Till The Morning?
The Three Ravens,
   ARTIST: Renoir, Sisters
MUSIC: Peter and the Wolf
POEM TO MEMORIZE: They chose The Whole Duty of Children

               WEEKLY PLANS: Week 5, 7/25 - 7/29 2011


EVERY DAY, BIBLE: Genesis: Faithful Abram, Abraham and Lot. Memorize Gen 12:1-3. What is Leviticus about?

EVERY DAY, READING/PHONICS/SPELLING: She read from Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.

EVERY DAY, MATH: Math Mammoth program, some pages in the 40's. They were addition to 10.

She keeps practicing XTRA MATH, or math vitamins, as they call them. I need to write that this was the week that my daughter smiled while doing math. She told me to write it in her journal too.


She practiced handwriting with an entry for How The Camel Got His Hump

MONDAY, SCIENCE and NATURAL HISTORY: James Herriot: Only One Woof 

 Over the weekend we saw this young mockingbird and its mom flying nearby.
My four years old
We took our nature walk on Tuesday, we see these white mushrooms all the time, so we finally drew this. The Latin name is Agaricus Campestris.
My six years old
My rendition

We made bookmarks with contact paper. We love this craft.

TUESDAY, LITERATURE and POETRY: Aesop Fables: The Fox and the Grapes, The Bundle of Sticks, Just So Stories: How the Camel Got His Hump. She illustrated this story, or she narrated it through the picture, and wrote the title practicing handwriting.

A poem a day from A Child's Garden of Verses.

WEDNESDAY, GEOGRAPHY and BIOGRAPHY:  Chapter IV of Paddle to the Sea.
We did not get to do Chapter IV of this one, next week maybe. On Wednesday they had a play date with their friend and other children that will be at my friend's art class once a week.We are very lucky to have my friend do this for us!

We went to the library to LEGO DAY, and they had fun! In the afternoon, before dinner, our neighbors and friends came. I sent them outside, and they came with this bug, It's a STINK BUG. And I heard Blue Heart say that turtles have an exoskeleton because it's outside. That's because my friend Heather said that last week in our visit to the sanctuary.

THURSDAY, WORLD HISTORY: - Fifty Famous Stories Retold: I messed up AGAIN! We read Cornelia's Jewels, which is for next week, and didn't read The Story of Regulus. Next week we'll read both. I know you only have to read once, but Cornelia's Jewels was such a nice story for moms to hear, that I want to REPEAT IT!

We listened to Chapter III, Our Island Story, from Livribox.

I heard Jeanne say that whoever put this curriculum together did it brilliantly. I'm starting to see that, for this week we read about Julius Cesar and the Barbarians being divided, and uniting to face the Romans, when we had also read the Bundle of Sticks fable. We also have been reading about Lot and Abraham, and that also was about quarrels. That word, quarrel, came up all the time. And though we shouldn't have read about Cornelia's Jewels, we did, and we also heard how rich Abram and Sarai were and how they had to leave their country and go by faith to the place God had in mind for them.

FRIDAY: Today we have a birthday, and I sew this bag, imperfectly but as good as I could. Not such as neat as the one my neighbor showed me and did while I was there, but at home, I could not replicate the process at all, ha ha ha. She has the years and the skill, but I'm learning. We like to give books for birthdays, and it was the perfect tote for books.
Birthday bag made by me
My bag made by a good friend

We read Cornelia's Jewels today (instead of Regulus Story). We had no time yesterday. And next week we'll double the art print, I plan to look at these two,


For whoever may be interested in this, I have a file with my flex schedules.   There are suggested folk songs and Italian songs, and it may give you   an idea of how to do your own little guideline for the year, month and   week. This is the yearly overview  I shared before but that now you can have as a word file, scroll to the  bottom to see links to my favorite lists where I update the folk songs,  hymns, and foreign language videos.

3 opinion(s):

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Yum, I love kale!

Great job with your nature journaling. I really like seeing what other people do in their journals....makes me want to draw right now. :)

You had a very productive week, Silvia!

...they call me mommy... said...

Looks great, Silvia! :) I'm loving the way you have set days for different things. I need to streamline mine like this! Thank you! :)

Silvia said...

CM in the city. It may look a lot, but I can promise you that it did not feel or was rushed, or busy, or chop chop... Once you write about your week, sometimes you realize all the amazing things your kids and you have been involved in. I have the opposite problem of many times taking what we do for granted, so writing it gives me perspective and keeps me from putting too much pressure. For example, art didn't happen, but you know what, it's not a check off list, and I look at the week and I say, thank you Lord for our health, our minds and bodies, our family and friends, for creation... thank you Lord, life is so good.

They call me mommy. I can't tell you HOW NICE this break up of the week is. It's not artificial, it goes with the AO readings, it helps me internalize the routine making it flow natural, and specially, it makes room for our days to breath. I've been lurking at your blog and your place and kids and pics are amazing. Enjoy your pregnancy, it's wonderful to be pregnant.

Thanks to you and all who read the blog.


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