Ambleside Year 1, Week 4

For accountability, fun, and to share with others, I will try to record our Year 1 week by week.
MONDAY: Science and Natural History. (Our nature walk once a week)
TUESDAY: Literature and Poetry
WEDNESDAY: Geography and Biography
FRIDAY: Leftovers
EVERYDAY: Recorder practice
HYMN: Trust and Obey, How Long Till The Morning?
The Three Ravens,
ARTIST: Renoir, Sisters
MUSIC: Peter and the Wolf
POEM TO MEMORIZE: They chose The Whole Duty of Children

               WEEKLY PLANS: Week 1, 7/18 - 7/22 2011

EVERY DAY, BIBLE: Genesis: Tower of Babel. John 3:16. What are Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus about?  Memorize the apostles.

EVERY DAY, READING/PHONICS/SPELLING: McGuffey Spelling, Reading Practice with sound Early Readers.
  • She reads the words
  • I dictate them
  • She writes on the white erase board.
  • If she doubts a word, I ask her to look at it again, but not to write it if she is not sure about it to avoid reinforcing a mistake.

She read from Steve's First Pony Ride along with me, and Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog by herself.

EVERY DAY, MATH: Practice COMPENSATION. Played this game on the computer. It's one of the recommended on the Math Mammoth program. Pg 32, 34, 36, 37. She enjoys the problems orally.
She keeps practicing XTRA MATH, or math vitamins, as they call them.

She is writing Whole Duty of Children

MONDAY, SCIENCE and NATURAL HISTORY: Visit to Sanctuary. We had a lovely time at the sanctuary with friends and like always, got to see many plants, trees, and animals that we the moms are starting to learn and discern. It was a bit hot but bearable, and very enjoyable.

Moses the Kitten. It is a beautifully written story. The Burgess Book had a cat too in it.

Chapter II of the Burgess Book for Children. The narration from the Burgess Book for Children was a bit difficult. My oldest daughter wanted me to stop at each sentence to say it literally, but that was a bit hard, and when I read a bit longer, she had some trouble with the language. It's just the second chapter, so I expect all of us to get a bit more used to the language of the book, and she'll be better at retelling with her own words, I'm sure.

Brer Rabbit for my preschooler.

TUESDAY, LITERATURE and POETRY: Aesop Fables: The Kid  and the Wolf, The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse. Both illustrated the story.

A poem a day from A Child's Garden of Verses.

WEDNESDAY, GEOGRAPHY and BIOGRAPHY:  Chapter three of Highroads of Geography 
It was PARIS. Both are enjoying the book. We read Madelaine Says Merci. We saw the the Eiffel Tower, and we were learning about the Tower of Babel... connections happen all the time spontaneously.

THURSDAY, WORLD HISTORY: - Fifty Famous Stories Retold: Alexander and Bucephelas, Diogenes, both Greek.

Great stories, and great narrations. We found these pictures to go with the story, since we have the book on the Kindle. In both stories sun and shadow play a big role. We even read a poem, Shadow, from A Child's Garden of Verses. At the same time I was reading the first chapters of Outside Lies Magic, and the author writes the same about how light was studied in the past, and how now we are so blind and poor observers and he encouraged us to go out and be explorers, which I call URBANISTS, since he speaks mainly about urban landscapes and their peculiarities.

FRIDAY: We still have Friday to go, but I'm going to publish this already since I'm planning next week and I don't want to come by the computer later to post about our week. I plan to have them do art study of this print, some math, recorder practice, a bit of handwriting, and we have a play date. It was a nice week.

For whoever may be interested in this, I have a file with my flex schedules.   There are suggested folk songs and Italian songs, and it may give you   an idea of how to do your own little guideline for the year, month and   week. This is the yearly overview  I shared before but that now you can have as a word file, scroll to the  bottom to see links to my favorite lists where I update the folk songs,  hymns, and foreign language videos.

2 opinion(s):

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

What a wonderful year you'll have. I did AO Year 1 with both my kids and we thoroughly enjoyed the readings.

Silvia said...

CM in the City... Oh, we are! The readings are FANTASTIC. It's truly the BEST education, I'm guilty of enjoying it even more than my girls, who almost always comment on how wonderful books we are reading.


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