Ambleside Year 1, Week 2

We are LOOOOOVING Ambleside. It is more fun to do lessons than not, when you do the right readings and lessons and at the right time. We still have summer fun. We went to the water park with friends on Thursday. Definitely, homeschooling all year round suits us. The rhythm intensifies or slows down, and gets shaped by the seasons, our happenings, and it's tailored to our family needs and pursuits.

For accountability, fun, and to share with others, I will try to record our Year 1 week by week.

MONDAY: Science & Natural History. (Our nature walk a week)
TUESDAY: Literature & Poetry
WEDNESDAY: Geography and Biography
FRIDAY: Leftovers
EVERY DAY: Bible Study, Math, Recorder practice
EVERY WEEK: Art Study, Music, Hymns, Folk Songs, Foreign Language

WEEKLY PLANS: Week 1, 7/04 - 7/08 2011

* Highlighted are those things we did not get done.


EVERY DAY, BIBLE: Genesis - Cain and Abel, Bible and Map Facts, Our God He is Alive Hymn, Make Cain and Abel Card for Timeline

EVERY DAY, READING/PHONICS/SPELLING: She read aloud with me. Lessons 26, 27 and 28 from McGuffey Primer, and Spelling dictation from lesson 28. She reads the words, I dictate 8, she writes on the white erase board, and if she is not certain about how to write, I ask her to tell me to see the word again, and I add one more word to the list.

She also read from the Bible student booklet. The lesson in the parents guide booklet is simple enough for her to read, although we also have to read from the Bible Itself.

EVERY DAY, MATH: Piramide Game from Kitchen Table Math, Addition and Subtraction War with cards, Number Line (pages from Math Mammoth from 1a book),  Practice Counting Backwards from 20 (that we did not do last week).

She practiced her name in cursive.

MONDAY, SCIENCE and NATURAL HISTORY: It was Independence Day, and my husband read parts of the Declaration of Independence to the girls, as well as George Washington Picture Book.

Chapter 1. The Burgess Book of Birds. Introducing Jenny Wren. We read it. It's in audio at Librivox, but it didn't work this morning. We watched one singing on video

TUESDAY, LITERATURE and POETRY: Aesop Belling the Cat (Poniendo el cascabel al gato), and The Eagle and the Jackdaw. We watched this video:

The Dragons are Singing Tonight A poem a day from A Child's Garden of Verses.
I can't believe I messed up again! :) We read Cinderella, but Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast are for weeks 3/13! We may read it again next week, since little sister did not listen at the time.

WEDNESDAY, GEOGRAPHY & BIOGRAPHY:  Chapter 2, Paddle to the Sea, * The Sword of Damocles, to make up for last week.
Knitting Group.

THURSDAY, WORLD HISTORY: - Fifty Famous Stories Retold: Damon and Pythias, A Laconic Answer (Greek).

FRIDAY: Playdate with friends, some time using Microsoft Paint, and two episodes of Cyberchase.

EVERY WEEK: Art Study (Renoir, Girl with a Hoop) , Music, Hymns, Folk Songs, Foreign Language. Listen to The Three Ravens, you have the lyrics and song at Cantaria.

* We listen to Peter and the Wolf on Sunday, on our way to and from church, and she 'narrated' this print.
ADDITIONAL BOOK: We are reading Charlotte's Webb in Spanish.

For whoever may be interested in this, I have a file with my flex schedules. There are suggested folk songs and Italian songs, and it may give you an idea of how to do your own little guideline for the year, month and week. This is the yearly overview I shared before but that now you can have as a word file, scroll to the bottom to see links to my favorite lists where I update the folk songs, hymns, and foreign language videos.

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Sarah said...

Thanks Silvia! It's always encouraging to read other AO schedules! xxx


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