Ambleside Year 1, Week 1

For whoever may be interested in this, I have a file with my flex schedules. There are suggested folk songs and Italian songs, and it may give you an idea of how to do your own little guideline for the year, month and week. This is the yearly overview I shared before but that now you can have as a word file, scroll to the bottom to see links to my favorite lists where I update the folk songs, hymns, and foreign language videos.

For accountability, fun, and to share with others, I will try to record our Year 1 week by week.
Last week it was our WEEK 1.
MONDAY: Science &Natural History. (Our nature walk a week)
TUESDAY: Literature & Poetry
WEDNESDAY: Geography & Biography
FRIDAY: Leftovers
EVERY DAY: Bible Study, Math, Recorder practice
EVERY WEEK: Art Study, Music, Hymns, Folk Songs, Foreign Language

WEEKLY PLANS: Week 1, 6/27 - 7/01 2011

* Highlighted are those things we did not get done.


EVERY DAY, BIBLE: Genesis, Bible and Map Facts, More Like You Hymn, Make Creation Card for Timeline

EVERY DAY, MATH: Piramide Game from Kitchen Table Math, War with cards, Practice Counting Backwards from 20.


MONDAY, SCIENCE & NATURAL HISTORY: First nature walk. Take binoculars. Read mammals from Handbook of Nature Study. We read Mattie and Cataragus, we read How the Ostrich Got Its Long Neck (it's not from the Just So Stories).

TUESDAY, LITERATURE & POETRY: How the Whale Got His Throat, from the Just So Stories, The Wolf and The Kid, Tortoise and The Ducks, from Aesop. The Dragons are Singing Tonight

WEDNESDAY, GEOGRAPHY & BIOGRAPHY: World Puzzle, Paddle to the Sea Chapter 1.

THURSDAY, WORLD HISTORY: - From Our Island Story, I messed up, instead of The Sword of Damocles, I read King Alfred and the Cakes. We'll catch up next week.

FRIDAY: DAY OFF, We went to see How to Train Your Dragon

EVERY WEEK: Art Study (Renoir, Madame George Charpentier and Her Children) , Music, Hymns, Folk Songs, Foreign Language
We did not listen to the Folk Song.

4 opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Very neat.. thanks for sharing. I am so interested to glean form others. Snippets from others have enriched my teaching and learning.


Silvia said...

Me too, Chrissy, I glean and learn from all of you a lot!

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing! I find it hard to keep up with Amblesides schedule with 2 at different levels. I sort of intertwine the years together. xxx

Silvia said...

Yes Sarah, I have to admit that having only one for now for this whole year and another one before younger sister makes it to AO 1 makes it easier, I guess if I were in your position, I'd intertwine but specially, I WON'T FEEL A BIT GUILTY about some books missed or things not being fully according to one year. This was meant to HELP us not to SLAVE us, and siblings, when they are close in age (or even if not to a certain extent too) need to be together when learning as much as possible too, with their differentiation at times, but in much harmony as possible.
That being said, I ADMIRE those of you who so wisely combine schedules.


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