Toothworms & Spider Juice

Great book I read in a short while today. As I was reading it, I thought how perfect it would be for any boy or girl of 8 or 9, specially for all those children who love gross and true details. It's also a passage through history, simple but complete, through the topic of dentistry. But at the end of the book, when it talks about American first dentists, it speaks about Wells committing suicide at 33 because they did not believe in his discovery of Nitrogen gasses for anesthesia, and the deaths of patients because of overdose to the gas. Also the exposure to X-Rays that wasn't known to be hurtful. Before it also talked about the death as a result of infection, or deformities caused by inexperienced charlatans when doing extractions. In France people stole teeth with a gun and pliers because for long they did transplantation of teeth everywhere. And the story of Apollonia is hard too.

The book isn't gore or sensationalist, but the topic is crude. So now I would advice proof reading and knowing your children or adolescents before you leave them alone with it. As to share information to non readers, YES. I was reading and calling the girls to tell them the fun and weird discoveries I was making!

I gave it five stars, probably because I am very strict for books on topics that are widely treated, but in this case it made an impression to me to find a book like this. Maybe there are more in this genre equally well written, but I'm new. Today at the bookstore I realized that, as I went to sections I don't usually frequent, and I was finding how many and how nice books those other places hold.

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Grace'n'Chaos said...

Hi Silvia, this is my first time leaving a comment. Wow, what an intresting find. I can see my oldest dd really enjoying this. BTW I'm not a fluent spanish reader (I'm a bit slow), but I'm a fluent speaker. I love your idea about translating CM. How wonderful!

Silvia said...

Grace, I found another book your daughter may like,


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