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I have been translating some of Charlotte Mason's readings on nature and science and I honestly feel a mix of encouraged and overwhelmed.

This is a weak area for me. As Jeanne said in one of her brilliant posts, we all have strengths... and weaknesses, and one of mine is nature study. Going outdoors, freely playing, enjoying nature without any particular vision or plan in mind, just eating al-fresco, etc, all that we have done plenty and with much joy, but the type of outdoors education that Charlotte Mason talks about, that has not shown up its face much at home yet. I can give you a excuse, my girls are young, but I should have been learning ahead a bit, and I feel as those moms who confess they have not proof read their children books they use to narrate from them, which always makes you clueless as if they are giving you a good narration.

I'm a city girl who had a lot of country moments (I learned to swim in a river, my uncle had a chalet in the country near one, with his big garden full of fruits, he even had birds in a cage, for crying out loud, and all I remember is parrots, canaries, or doves). All this was in Madrid, around three decades ago, and now I'm in Houston and a bit hopeless and literally sweaty. After reading of Charlotte Mason´s contagious love for nature, of  how endlessly she advocated we took our children outdoors and guide them into looking, observing, comparing, storing those scenes in their heads as old friends, I confess I feel defeated... Oh, how I wish anyone would have helped me to do this for I can't retrieve but a few of those childhood scenarios! But the question is, would I be able to do this for my daughters? Or will the generation curse perpetuate? As Charlotte Mason says that habits is ten natures, (also the part I'm at in the course after learning about nature), there is always the hope to do a bit better every time, every month, every quarter.

So what is my plan? My plan is to go out every Monday, or a different day if needed, but once a week, with binoculars and magnifying glass in hand (I got a great deal at Academy of a pair of binoculars on clearance), paper and color pencils, sunblock and hats (did you know yesterday we broke the record of the hottest morning in the year,? 83 Fahrenheit at 8:00 am?, and other days we'll keep going to the back of our neighborhood as we do sometimes, and look at those cotton tail rabbits we've seen. At times we'll come home and paint or colored the drawn findings with our new water paints and good brushes and paper, thank you PAM!, and we'll try to find those names in Latin. I'll start my own nature journal too. We'll notice the changes in the seasons, and we'll lay on a blanket, our eyes closed, and describe what we saw in one of our special walks.  I know I can commit to visiting once a week one of the two or three places close to us, but I still have to see if we can make it a habit to go to a further and nicer nature spot at least once a month! When this challenging plan fails, I pledge to look for things in my backyard and neighborhood to draw and study. And Nature study will have a huge bonus this year, for at the end of November, the whole month of December, and half of January, we'll visit Malta and Spain, and this time we'll bring in our memories, Lord Willing, some 'old friends' forever!

Wish us all luck, specially to this nature illiterate!

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Pam... said...

That BIG plan sounds really lovely and ideal. A CM dream.

It's ok if you just go outside for 10 minutes, find something cool. Bring it in. (Unless it's a heffalump or a woozle.) Sketch it and look it up. Paint it another day.

When we lower the bar, we succeed. When we succeed, we get excited about an accomplishment gained. Then, funny thing, our ten minutes becomes 20, or 30 or more; because we start to love it and we get all caught up in the beauty of it. The relationship begins slowly. When it forms, it becomes part of our life.

So have your lovely Monday morning, pencils, sunblock, hats, paper, walk....if you wish to. Climb that mountain. Just remember if that mountain looms too high on some days, have permission for small steps. I will write you a permission slip. I can do that. I'm a midwife! lol!

Jeanne said...

Sounds wonderful! Achievable too. We're not doing nature study at all whilst I'm working full time. Can't wait to get back into it again. Soon, soon...

Marvan said...

I also think it is good to be "bad" at something. You can't be good at everything and it's OK not to know something. Kid's also learn from that. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to be good at everything, even mom isn't good at everything LOL. As long as you can laugh at it, try to improve as much as you can, keep on learning....
So good luck with this new plan, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds very good. I always think that with a plan there is a vision and a purpose to strive for. If we don't quite do it all the way we can learn ways to tweak it and make it work for our seasons.

Last year we did great with nature dtudies from the beginning of the school year until December. Then we just bombed. But so did everything else in a way. We went from a fully loaded school day to doing basics. Due to some certain issues.

I have also been contemplating how to plan our nature studies, Art and Music Studies. I am still chewing and mulling.

Silvia said...

Pam, "acknowledged"... I always manage to put so much in my dream plate... but I will take those small steps for the sake of my girls. As you say, starting small is always good, there is time to add, and that's better than feeling defeated and eliminate completely.

Jeanne, we may always be the weaker link for nature studies ladies :), I also wish you can resume the walks and enjoy wherever in the and Marvan, thanks for your words, it's true, I'll mix your response with Pam's, and also I'll ask her for a permission slip to be bad at something and laugh about it too!

Chrissy, you are right, our plans are truly our vision, and life lands us on our feet, and we always learn, even when we bomb it or things happen.
Lately, inspired by Willa from
The Quotidian Reader blog, I've been reading Melissa Wiley and I take from her the idea of tidal learning, even us who follow a more structured pattern have moments of low and high tide, so I know that the year will bring better and worse months for nature study. And we've been taking some small steps, only that I wish I could be a bit more constant.
Now, I plan not to forget LOVE. Better to do a few walks where we love what we see, sketch and paint, than to do this as a drudgery every week and not have our heart into it.

I have the BEST companions in this journey, my girls, and my savvy community of blogger rocking mommas!

Off topic, I force myself to write words like this, to loosen up and not be so stiff, sigh, I take myself tooooooo seriously. I 'luv' the way Jeanne naturally types with her Australianisms and Jeanneisms!

MAGIC: As I was typing this, I hear my oldest "mommy, mommy, come, there is a spider hanging from its thread... "small nature treat inside the home".



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