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For whoever may be interested in this, I have a file with my flex schedules. There are suggested folk songs and Italian songs, and it may give you an idea of how to do your own little guideline for the year, month and week. This is the yearly overview I shared before but that now you can have as a word file.

As I always say, if we don't do everything exactly like it is, it's fine too. I just like to not have to wake up every week and come to the kitchen thinking what would be a good artist, music to pick from youtube, or a good catchy song in Italian, or what is one of the living books we'll be reading this month apart from tangents and opportunities that come our way, and what was our MAIN focus for our nature studies.

It's simple and it works in giving me that idea I need to have them as a second skin and as a broad inspiration. The planning makes me actually more adventurous than having none.

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Charlotte Mason in the City said...

My plan for today is to do some housework and then do some planing for our upcoming school schedule. As I look at your file, I see it will come in handy with my planning. Thank you! Like you, I don't mind deviating from a plan, but having a plan in place makes life so much easier on my brain.

Silvia said...

It may give you just a broad inspiration, because I know your children are older and plans and your plans may look different, mine may be too kidish, but the principle may be of help :)
At times I like looking at others plans, like the idea from Amy, from Fishers' Academy, of devoting a day a week to the 'subject readings' suggested by CM and present at AO. This is not to mean we will rigidly not do poetry or history other than the designated day, this teaches me to understand the different components and to make them more part of a whole, and give them unity, and to have a ground to tweak and some schedule to alter, versus living in mid air. Planning is a good mental exercise in itself, it opens you up to possibilities.

Happy planning!


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