More planning (Monthly and Weekly overviews)

Planning is nice, but it also makes me panic at times, as when I look into all I'd like to present, and all I'd like for them to relate to and participate in, and see all we have ahead... but then I remember the latest post, and I enjoy the plans again, knowing that they will be revised in a few months and that things won't happen like in the plans, but they are our guide to be prepared to lay a banquet of ideas (without getting them chocked with so much - my faulty tendency!)

I'm sharing the monthly plans that I've printed each month in a page to leave space to write our projects, field trips, notes, but I've grouped them here for you.

HNS is Handbook of Nature Study
The Hymns and Folk Songs, and Foreign sonds are still to be decided.
We may also start in July, and easy our way into all this by August.
AO: Ambleside Online

Monthly Lesson Plans 2012
Painters: August Renoir, Cassatt, Vermeer
Music: The Bernstein Favorites. The Orchestra
Additional Reading: Charlotte’s Web
AO Readings Term 1
HNS: Mammals
Hymn, Folk Song:
Foreign Language songs/videos:

Painters:  Perugini, Velazquez, and for January I'll decide and collect prints in Spain or Malta, and February Carl Larsson (I got this book for 40 cents!)
Music: Ballet. The Nutcracker
Additional Reading: St. George and the Dragon (We've already read this book, but we could read it several times and get something different from it every reading).
AO Readings Term 2
HNS: Birds
Hymn, Folk Song:
Foreign Language songs/videos:

MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE (maybe not?): 
Painters: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and to be decided later.
Music: The Opera. The Magic Flute
Additional Reading: The King of the Golden River
AO Readings Term 3
HNS: Wildflowers
Hymn, Folk Song:
Foreign Language songs/videos:

This weekly division is stolen from Amy, at Fisher's Academy

MONDAY: Science & Natural History. (Our nature walk a week)
TUESDAY: Literature &; Poetry
WEDNESDAY: Geography & Biography
FRIDAY: Leftovers
EVERYDAY: Recorder practice

I plan to work in conjunction with the three terms suggestions at AO for year 1, but I haven't done this yet, so I can't say how it will all fall into place. But I'm approaching this with the mentality that it is fine to read *less or *more of the books listed there. Actually, we won't read Trial and Triumph, or Parables from Nature, some books from the literacy and poetry selections, we'll read in Spanish, and as I find more living books in Spanish, I may continue making substitutions or changes. To me, AO is a tool to help me deliver a Charlotte Mason education, not the goal in itself.


EVERYDAY, MATH: I've gotten MATH MAMMOTH for first grade. And this after I printed the whole 1b part of MEP. I'm learning from those mistakes. I now will print a few pages at a time from each lesson. I printed the Spanish 1b booklet, if not, I'll offer it to anyone interested. I may still use those pages with my second daughter, though.  








This table is for my whole week. This is how I like to work. I fill it on Sunday, and I add or finish it as the week progresses. Plans are very peculiar, but this may help or inspire others to create their own. There are those who like to write chapter, page number, lesson number in advance... that's not me. However that's not to say I may later find the need to detail this better.

Lastly I have a general schedule, with the days and routines that I show the girls and where we add what we will be doing.

WEEK OF:________________________

Morning Routines/ Breakfast

Devotional time

First Block of Lessons

Morning Tea

Second Block of Lessons


Afternoon Activities

Early Evening Routines

Evening Activities

Church at 7:30

Grocery shopping as a family
Bed time

Bed time
Bed time

Bed time

Bed time

Bed time

Adult time

Work time

5 opinion(s):

Pam... said...

OMG! I can't believe you got that Carl Larsson book for 40 cents! Awesome. Where did you hear of Him? I have his books on my amazon wish list and I'm completely drooling.

I so agree with you that AO is a GUIDE! I was going to make that clear in a post, because we do get bound up with other peoples great lists, don't we!
I asked a young teen if she would teach my girls a bit of ballet this fall for pay
. I've never had the money for it, and if she can't or won't, I may try to find a video and do it with them. Any ideas?
Love it that you read in Spanish to the girls. You know, I could do that. I know how to say the words. They aren't thrilled about it though. I got some fairy tale books in English and Spanish, but I need to make it happen.
I am so encouraged by your passion in your children's education. People around here 'just do it' and don't seem to love it as I do. I'm sure I intimidate in my excitement about great teaching resources!
end of novel!

Marvan said...

Waauw, then they say I'M the organized one LOL. I know what you mean Pam and I'm with you. I think a bit of planning won't hurt anybody. There's always time to change the plan but at least you've GOT something you CAN change.
I can't wait to start my planning but I first need the books and I won't get them before the summer....
By the way. We also have a morning tea. I love it.
Thanks again for sharing Silvia. I'll soon have the first part of my planning (I hope....)

Marvan said...

just for follow ups ;)

Silvia said...

Pam, I understand you very well. That is totally the way. I hope it works out. I'm talking about the teen teaching your children.
I do not like the type of ballet classes offered around. I find it too consumerist. All we do is to put classic music and they get the hand me down several dress up clothes they've gotten from friends, and dance. But since I took a bit of ballet, we can improvise, though as you with the Spanish, they don't like to even see mommy dancing! ha ha ha

Those cartoons I talked about, Pocoyo, they are Spanish, why don't you watch them in Spanish? I think the young ones will love them. For the oldest, you know how I loved to learn English as a teen? Listening to Police and other songs a teacher played for us and wrote for us with some word gaps we'd fill. I know it's not very CM at all... ha ha ha, but as long as the lyrics are modest and don't have foul language, I believe is a great motivator.
Once upon a time I had something for you that ended up arriving in a different State and going to another mom, appreciative nonetheless. So won't you please send me your address by email?
The encouragement is reciprocated. I love the passion that emanates from your posts.

I don't know where I read about Larsson, maybe from you, maybe from another CM blogger. There are many things that get imprinted in our subconscious, and at the sale, I saw this book and I recognize it was a good one.

As for this post. I'm not at all that organized, or the plans won't really be done completely. I just have high expectations, and I need to remember to not push, though, but to be fair delivering.

I sometimes really worry that some others may look at this and say, 'I'll never do this', because one thing is what I write, and another what we do, ha ha ha. I end up writing it because I know many of you understand our plans seem complex but they are a natural and real progression of where we come to be in life when we educate ourselves along with the children.

I know what you mean. I have a few good friends in my group, and I can discuss different topics with them, but when it comes to CM, resources and plans, I'm alone in this crazy group, and I only have company over the Internet with you, ladies.

And Marvan, you are very organized. Whenever you write your posts of the boxes, and how you do all those painters, poets, books, math wonders, etc, studies, I have a temporary panic attack, I'm serious. It all looks so intrinsic, so well thought, it is amazing. Good think that I know that you, Pam, and the others, are REAL, otherwise I'd thought I'm finding some SUPER PLANNERS and SUPERWOMEN, and I'd just cry here in my corner, feeling worse than Eeyore, ha ha ha. I enjoy flexibility, I leave lots of room for things to take a different course. This is the most planning I've done so far. And my girls are very normal girls, of course they are amazing to me, but they after all need disciplining often (as in several times a day), have their things we are working on, and are not prodigies in a worldly way at all, neither do I expect them to be. We are all BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE, that's for sure, and something is true, they are extremely happy, and I am too.
End of War and Peace II my boring novel.

Pam... said...

Oh, just saw that you commented here. Yes, I will go to Walmart and find Pocoyo. Agreeing with you on regular ballet classes. Plain and simple is fine with us. Emailed my address, so email yours back. And no, you didn't hear of Larsson from me. Never heard of him til your post. end of newsclip


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