Applications of my readings (More on planning)

From the book club and other books I've been reading lately, these are a few of the conclusions and things I am trying to accomplish and incorporate in our life and homeschool.

  • Remember the importance of learning poetically. Do not leave out music, dance, and direct experiences, or regard them as nice but irrelevant.
  • Look at all the things the girls do poetically, value them and write about them. Snap out of the thought that the 'traditional view' of what constitutes knowledge is the right or most important one. ORAL learning is not only valid, but necessary at a young age much more than any worksheet.
  • Remember to be an example and look at me first for ways to find how to inspire love and obedience.
  • Think about less books but just a few excellent ones. Do not fret if some are left out.
  • Stop looking at the booky part of Ambleside, and pay attention to the Charlotte Mason principles on which those amazing books listed there rest upon.
  • Put those principles first, before just the books. And they are: study the Scriptures, memory work, memorizing and reciting poetry, outdoors time, nature walks and study, art and music appreciation, dance, singing (hymns and folk songs), poetic learning of languages, craft work (we started going to knitting classes and we love them!), gardening, cooking together... Oh, everything that can't be bought in a box, or can't be copied exactly from another person, that can't be planned or programmed with exactitude. Sigh.
  • Remember the books are to incite ideas, to read slowly, to have indirect experiences but experiences nonetheless, not just to be able to dispute, show off, and mark down as read.
  • Yes, we'll keep some things such as math, reading practice, and the books read aloud, but I will remember that those without these other principles are void, that no homeschooling or real learning can be conducted with those at the core, but that it's those other principles which give context, provide the experiences, and ultimately sustain the 'traditional' learning of the so called three R's.
  • Even on the three R's, do not see the girls as ahead or behind, but respect their pace. Find that balance between not giving up in something hard, not pushing, but not just being careless about what they learn. Again, that LOVE for learning, and care for what's been learned, and how to inspire it and live it myself.
  • Refrain from rushing things, and from looking at it with modern eyes. Stop trying to advance knowledge, but try to *gulp* give the actual experience of our culture and civilization.
  • Last but most important. Live, model and inspire a sincere christian life to the girls and others around me.

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Pam... said...

Awesome! Me too.

Silvia said...

And you'd love the book I wrote about. I hope they have it in your library, and that you find a moment to read it.


Anonymous said...

I really loved what you wrote. I really like the ninth things down and something I could really embrace. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

This is really good, Silvia. I think I should make my own similar list to keep in my notebook. It would be headed with the words DON'T PANIC written in large, friendly letters. ;-)

Silvia said...

Thanks, Chrissy, it's truly things we all know but I need to remember to act upon them... it's so easy to get caught up in the math and reading race.

Kelly, I will write DON'T PANIC, PRAY, too, at the front of my note book/ planner.

Marvan said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to keep in mind some of those points too. For me the most difficult part is "few books but just the best". It is so difficult to find the best and there are soooo many wonderful books!

Silvia said...

:) Yes, the book point is difficult for me. It's more than the number, the way one deals with them. As if I'm in a race to read these few to get to more, which is bad, versus being calmed with this bunch I know are excellent, and even if we don't read anything else, they would have learned much from these few, so I don't need to rush them to get to more...
A few is not a number, but whatever quantity you truly 'digest' so to speak, and nourish you. Some of you probably will scare me with how much you can TRULY READ, and I probably scare many others if I give a number of what I honestly can handle at times.
It's also a matter of phases for me. I have some months of the year in which I can truly concentrate and follow up many good books, and other times when I just keep a couple at the most. Same with the girls, sometimes are cup is overflowing with great reads, sometimes we just keep the barrel full just to a minimum.

Silvia said...

our cup, I meant

Willa said...

I will be coming back to this as I plan our next year's education! Great list.

Shari said...

Lovely picture, Silvia! I, too, have trouble with over-focus on the books while forgeting the CM method. This post is a great reminder.

Mystie said...

Great applications. :)

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Amen! Great list. I think many of us fall into the temptation of putting "book work" higher on the priority list than it should be.


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