Yearly Overview for 2011-2012

I enjoy planning. I have planned an overview for next year, and I've enjoyed it much. It's nice to sit down and clear your thoughts about what the girls will be doing next year. It looks much, but it is really simple. Needless to say not all will be done or in the way *I WOULD LIKE TO, :) But that is fine, actually it is much better, because things will go the way He wants them to be for them, not the way I want. Anyway, planning is nice to help you regain focus and spell out how you envision education and LIFE.

Kindergarten Yearly Plans 2012
BIBLE:  We’ll be studying what we are at church with the new curriculum, Shaping Hearts for God. In addition to this, we will listen to Hymns that go with the lessons which will start in July chronologically.
Our Goal is to model Christian living for our girls, to pray, to be more like Him, and to walk in His Path. We understand Christianity is not denominational or following traditions devised by men, but there is a way to worship and obey Him we read in the Bible, and that First Century Christians followed, and any who follows it as indicated by the pattern in the Scriptures is then a follower of Christ.

MATH: I have printed MEP 1b, and I have also bought Math Mammoth for 1st grade. I plan to start with Math Mammoth, which includes games on the computer. Continue with, and do a couple of days a week of hands on/ games math.
I’ve also been considering buying Wright’s books, he has three books and they seem to be helpful for us to understand concepts right before presenting them or not being able to assist our children for lack of understanding.
Our goal for the girls it is to respect their math pace, to develop their math understanding and reasoning, to provide with practice of the mechanical parts too (which they can do on the computer and it is like they call it, math vitamins), and to relate math to life and concrete examples instead of practicing with worksheets and numbers floating in thin air.

With my oldest in First Grade, I would like for her to gain more fluency in her reading, and that comes with practice. We are using a combination of McGuffey Readers, reading along with me, and I would like to introduce a quick phonic practice as well.

With the youngest, she already knows the letter sounds, and I won’t be doing any specific reading lessons other than reading and all the tagging along with her sister she wishes.
We will keep playing phonetic games such as writing nursery rhymes and cutting the words to make the puzzle back, read a few words as I point in our normal reading aloud.

Our goal it is to have life time readers of the Scriptures and other books. They already HAVE A LOVE for books, they like us to read to them, and I believe they both have several years ahead in which to master reading and do it independently, by age 9 or 10.

We are learning Italian through videos and songs, and we will be traveling to Malta and Spain so we want the girls to come back with some vocabulary in Maltese too. 


Continue copying the memory verse or a few sentences two or three times a week with her best handwriting. She did a bit of cursive, but now we are back to manuscript which is fine.
For the youngest, with all the free drawing she does her handwriting I can already tell will be as pretty as her sister’s too.

Handwriting is and is not important. It is fine to practice a bit every week. I value handwritten notes and letters, even if the girls were the only ones who did this in years from now! I think it is a valuable practice.

Copywork: they practice from the Bible

Spelling: This is tied to phonics. I will probably use McGuffey too for this.

With Handbook of Nature Study, and once a week.
Our goal is to keep populating our nature journal that has a few entries from these past two years. My goal is to learn along with them more about nature.

I write the times we go to parks, the observation in nature we do, and I try to remember to stretch at home, dance, etc.
Exercise and walking outdoors and observing the beauty around us to learn from it and enjoy it is crucial. We have done well these past years. I hope not to forget that 1st grade is still 1st grade, and my daughters both need plenty time outdoors, we all need exercise, and it is great to dance at home.

ART: I will pick and print some paintings from nine painters, and study one every month. Just looking at the art, and giving maybe a simple talk about the artist. And they will observe and narrate the paintings.
Our goal is simple. I want them to love and enjoy art as I do.

Appreciation: Simple again. From Charlotte Mason Help, we will follow her suggestions for Years 1 and 2. We will listen to some folk songs as well as the hymns.
Practice: Also from the same site, they will practice with a recorder 15 or 20 minutes every day, and I will try to learn to read music again to assist them a bit in this effort to. We decided to wait until my oldest is 8 to have piano lessons. At that point, I will try to trade them for Spanish or we will see.
Our goal: we do not want the girls to know music for snobbish reasons, but we believe it is of much value to be able to make music that sounds beautiful. They don’t need to be virtuosi at all, but the effort will enhance their appreciation, and it’s a great valve to vent in the older years.

This is where I write if we have done a nature journal entry, a particular experiment, cooking, any craft. I plan to learn knitting this summer, and eventually teach them too. They happen naturally at home.

This entire chunk is EASY (well, maybe not that much :-), because all these subjects rest on LIVING BOOKS, many from the AO list, some will be different. But reading books slowly and narrating is how learning takes place. 
I have a geography book with songs in the shopping cart, and my friend Jeanne suggested we study Spanish and Maltese Geography, since we'll travel in November, and we’ll surely do that.

I do not know if we’ll follow Ambleside closely, or we’ll do it differently, but in any case, we’ll read our books slowly. I'm going to proceed to the monthly plans, and work on the weekly schedule to be filled. I'm excited... I have to decide on the 9 artists for next year, and give some thought to the poetry and maybe pick some poems to suggest which one the girls will like to memorize... I also have to prepare for VBS at the end of June, and regular Bible classes in July.  Now the challenge is to balance all this we want to accomplish and to stay calm and refrain from jumping to this and that we see here or hear there, but remember our goals, and help our children develop and keep their love for learning.

If you want to download this in WORD, you can do so in my First Grade Plans page.

4 opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

It is always so refreshing and nice to have a plan and overview of our school year. But i couldn'r agree with you more the Lord always has is way. :)

What a wonderful overview it seems simple but full of some wonderful enriched learning.

Marvan said...

A wonderful plan Silvia, Thanks for sharing. I will soon share mine which is quite diferent from my initial plan ;). As you say, you never know where you can end up.......

Silvia said...

I know, friend... And quite excited I am for you and your boys!

I am almost finished with the monthly plans too... and then the most open ended weekly one that I will fill a bit at a time and that may change some in the year.

I think a general overview is helping me much this time, same with monthly guidelines and goals. I like to come back to them for reference when I start to get sidetracked or discouraged by other things I see. They are also my accountability and record keeping too.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of monthly guidelines. Ya, got me thinking. Smiles.


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