The Twin Series and New Weekly List

We finished the Japanese Twin book, as I wrote about in another post, and some other books in our weekly list. As we've also finished 1a book of MEP, and May is almost over, we declared today our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! We'll keep up with readings, summer joy, and their constant drawing, playing, dancing, etc, while I continue translating Charlotte Mason Made Easy into Spanish and getting ready for August when we'll resume.

I'm redoing our weekly list, and not knowing which Twin book to read next, from the free for Kindle choices, I found THIS SITE that has an age estimation and a brief synopsis for each book. We have the Eskimo or Dutch, both for 5 years of age,  and the girls chose DUTCH.

MONDAY:                 The Moffats
World’s Greatest Fairy Tales
TUESDAY:       Fables (Dutch Twins after)
My Own Book of Animal Stories
WEDNESDAY:   Moon-Watch Summer             
A Family Treasury of
Little Golden Books
THURSDAY:       How Many Spots Does a         
                                Leopard Have?
FRIDAY:         Uncle Wiggily’s Story Book
Margaret Wise Brown’s
Wonderful Storybook
SATURDAY:              Picture Books

Additions as we finish some:

For more details on these books, they are all here:

3 opinion(s):

J's mom said...

I would like to know if you thought the twins series stands the test of time. I don't want to want time on it if it is inaccurate, outdated or offensive. Thank you.

Silvia said...

Joy, gulp, this put me on the spot!
I have only read the Japanese and I can tell you that offensive is not. This book is a picture of Japanese 'traditional society'. It says that women are in submission to men in society, but old people and women too have a prominent place too. That part of the girl being less than the baby boy, it wasn't humiliating, and I didn't even remember it ended by the mom looking at the wall and sighing sadly. This arose very interesting discussions at home, since as christians we also believe in different roles, submission and authority. I still think the book was worth the time spend listening about Japan through the story of the twins. Their birthday chapters are EXCELLENT. And the book is nice for both, boys and girls.

Inaccurate...I don't thinks so. And outdated, I think more it's an older Japan picture, but I don't think it's outdated.
I was delighted with this book. It taught us about homes that are different than ours, about what and how they eat, their traditional gardens, temples, streets and transportation, their celebrations, their believes, how they sleep, how they go to school... maybe many Japanese live lives closer to our own modern ones now, but this is part of their culture as if they read a portrait of American pioneers, or Little House in the Prairie. It's not outdated, but it's a portrait of a period in full of details that delights the reader and the quality of the narration makes it in my view a living book.
I can see your girl reading the easy books by herself. Though they say on some for 5 year olds, this is 5 year old children of yesterday for sure. Nothing to do with Junnie B Jones!
You can read a couple of pages on the computer and decide. Unfortunately I don't know about the rest of the series, and it may be not all have the same quality to them. As for this, we enjoyed it much and learn history through a living book.

J's mom said...

Thank you!


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