The Twilight of American Culture

The Twilight of American Culture by Morris Berman

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I finished the first round of this book. I will surely read it again, but I enjoyed simply reading it. It has many references to other books, movies, events... the last chapter is a fantastic culmination of the whole analysis of the book. Berman proposes different historic scenarios after this transitional time of now.

I have a few discrepancies, but all in all, his view is very well grounded and deeply thought. The book introduced me to this concept of NMI, new monastic individual. And it helped me to understand postmodernism, and many attitudes, positions, and things that I see happening around me but that I could never clarify in my mind why they seemed so off, wrong, or detrimental for our culture. He ratified me in the idea that there is another America. He does not say it with these words, but those NMI show different values, and definitely it also inspired me to continue living a life at the margin of the McWorld and Super Coke Americanization the whole world is experiencing in the 21st century.

I highly recommend it.

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