Poetic Knowledge, Chapter 5 Second Post

As Brandy wrote in her post for the Book Club, we don't have to reproduce schools when we homeschool, but it's sometimes harder. Not the books and lessons, but our mindset that, if you went to school, or maybe even if not, tends to gravitate toward our current believes and practices, as much as views of children, childhood, and how we raise and educate them.

This is what Brandy asked herself that I'm answering too:

  • Is the order in my home beautiful? Like her, I'm in submission to my husband and both are to God. I know my girls see that too, but I also have much improvement until I can reach the point the girls obey with a few words only.
  • Is my home beautiful? I think it is. Funny, because I don't spend much money, but I get things from friends, from good will, and my own photography, paintings, etc, make my home humbly beautiful. It's not catalog perfect beautiful, but that's artificial to me. We paint and decorate ourselves, we love color, and I have an eye to put things together. My husband is wonderful at keeping also a beautiful backyard that gives us some fruit and veggies too.
  • Am I in contact with real things? Sigh, I also tend to bury my nose in books, but I do make an effort to compensate the lack of poetic inclination to be in touch with real things. I was about to complain and say that suburban life... but it could be worse, we could live in a small flat... although in Madrid you can walk much more and easily. I truly detest living in a world of AC and car for everything, but then I am blessed, and we have our friends, backyards, park, urban flora and fauna, and Heather's fresh bread, our cooking with some fruits of our garden, walks early in the morning and in the evening... I try. There will always be room to improve, but we are on the right path.
  • I need to think of educating as helping my children fall in love. Yes. I also think taking a break and going with the tide, as my friend Heather told me last Tuesday, helps. But the key is to help them fall in love with that they are doing so that the sparkle ignites and they get in touch with ideas, and experience poetic knowledge by themselves.
The poster I got it at the Spanish Consulate, the shelf is a present. The plant and bowl too, the painting by my girl, the table and chairs, 500 dollars at Big Lots three or four years ago. My home has beautiful things that are all presents or bargains, or things made with our hands.

Thanks Brandy for your post. I see now too the difference between having children run wild and an order in a poetic setting and with poetically oriented people in a family or school as the ones we read about in the chapter. I wonder if I'm trying an impossible thing, or if we can hold on to the small aspects of our modern, ugly, technological and materialistic life, and from there raise and educate poetically, with love, care, and with order and obedience and all joyously. There is no other choice to me but to believe it can be done and to set myself to do it. I'm going to cook some of our zucchini, and ask the girls to set the table. They always pick our good plates, those I've never used because they are only a set of four, white with a golden trim, and they usually pick candles and our golden cutlery too!

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Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

Thanks for answering! I really enjoyed reading your answers.

I forgot that I make bread. I feel more poetic about myself already. ;)

I am seriously making nature study a goal next year, not just for the children, but for *me*.

ps. I like your pretty room. :)

Pam... said...

Sounds lovely and homey, dear Silvia! I didn't read the book, but the ideas you talk of sound grounded.
Attainable, yes. We must determine our goals or we float aimlessly from one thing to another. And to have vision; that is a rare thing, but so admired in those who have it. These are the wings that carry us through life's crazy path.
Here are some thoughts to ponder: Where do we go to find that true and clear calling and those most worthy goals? Who's is the voice of truth amidst so many voices? What attitude is it that we must embrace before we are transformed from the inside? There is no effort in overflow. What a peace that brings.

Silvia said...

Thanks Brandy. Yes, we need to put more emphasis on nature study too... for *me* as well. I see some hope, though. I'm already learning a tidy bit more about birds, plants and trees by going around the hood and coming back to check what I see in books, etc.

Pam, you certainly have that VISION, my friend. All you share tells me that.

As for your thoughts to ponder. (Smile), sure, there is our one Truth and He is that Fountain Free, 'tis for you and me, thirsty soul, won't you come?

I should also be telling you in your blog, but your common book posts are fantastic! As we take our little steps, I know where to go for reference. Your sketches and what you show was beautiful to see.

Thanks for stopping by, friends.

Pam... said...

I totally had a vision, it was perfect; and it kinda shattered some years back. Will tell that story another day. So then there's the shock of just doing the next thing. Like a blind man, kinda. I guess my problem is in feeling too deeply.
So life went on and new babies came and healing started, and then a new 'shock' comes to me. Could it be over, this season I have loved? I'm sorry for being so general, yet pouring out feelings! Kind of contradictory. lol!
The point is, I guess that I am desperately re-seeking that vision and sometimes it's real clear but I but heads with it. Does that make sense? Probably not! But thanks for listening anyway. And you are right about the One we can go to.
It's a bumpy journey, ladies, and plenty confusing at times. But God...I know Him to be a sure thing.

Silvia said...

Pam, if you ever want to share more of that wisdom of yours with us, I'm sure many will be listening... but that's not the important thing, the important part is that you say you are re-seeking that vision, and you will find it. We always wrestled with that we know has to be done, said, taken or abandoned. It reminds me much of Jacob fighting the Lord in the shape of that mysterious man/angel all night.


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