Next year plans, Berman on homeschooling, and do you ever get that rest?

Little Bean's drawings from 2 to 4. They are not very well sorted by dates, though.
Yesterday I read more of Berman's book, he got to talk about homeschooling...I was disappointed. He perceives a big majority of homeschoolers to be christian fanatics, people who don't want their children to know about Darwin and that teach home to be able to pass their believes to their children. He says then that another substantial number of homeschoolers do it because of a reaction to the lack of quality of most schools, or because we can't afford a private school. He dwells a bit in the cliche that homeschoolers have better results, that they score higher in tests and such. Lastly he comments his experience tutoring a girl of thirteen, and how he used sort of a Socratic approach with her to lead her into the monastic idea that Greek is approachable, that it can be learned. Monastic is for him that idea that the liberal arts or humanities have to be and can be learned by anyone.

Blue heart books with drawings from 2 or 3 to now, 6 yrs. I have those pictures scanned too.
I plan to keep them better organized by dates from this month on.

I won't take much time to express my disappointment. All in all, I kept reading and I will still have a high concept of this book. I'll just say that just because we believe Darwin's theory to be false, it doesn't make us irrational or cultists. We ALL, including Mr. Berman, have believes, and actually many public schools in different states are heavily indoctrinating the students.

Secondly I'd like to say that I expected more depth from him than just alluding to the homeschooling outperforming grades. Actually, isn't he questioning the system and grades? Why does he then reduces homeschooling to a good option because it gets children better grades?

A quarter of MEP finished and bound in a spiral
And now for next year plans. When I read Karen Andreola's book, A Charlotte Mason Companion, I thought that it sounded fantastic... but not for me. A couple of years after, I got back to it when I read When Children Love to Learn. I thought it would be possible to educate my girls according to the Charlotte Mason principles. I joined the Ambleside yahoo lists, and I did what I thought was a Mason education. Now I'm preparing for year 1. I found more ladies that do an outstanding job at applying Mason and classic education in their homes, I'm reading Charlotte Mason because I'm translating part of her work, and I also got deeper into LINDAFAY'S CHARLOTTE MASON HELP website. Oh, I have those feelings again. I'm a mix of excited and scared. I think I'm falling very short. I can't find the rest Mystie talks about. Yesterday I wanted to QUIT. And then what? School is out of the question. Homeschooling continues. And how else am I supposed to educate the girls? Charlotte Mason is the only thing I know to be true to how we learn, how they deserve to be educated... I'll just need to abandon the idea that it needs to be done as well as others, and just focus on doing it to my best abilities, even if that means many things will not fall into the sac of how the girls end up being educated.

Then I took this to God. I also talked about it with my husband. I woke up and I decided we can do this. We worked for a while before a productive morning in regard to the lots of errands we did. And I am back on the game. With my imperfections, and remembering that their learning and growing don't rest on my capacities alone. That they will be fine, even if there are X amount of things we have not started, that we are behind, that I haven't even read about let alone know how to make them happen, or the things they are not close to know... in time, with dedication and faith, things will fall into place.

Handwriting booklet
So math happened, and I shortened the number of problems to one that had three parts. My daughter connected wit it, she now says she LOVES that math. She is like me, now I love this next minute I hate it, but she will find her balance and will understand that not everything awakes the same passion, but that she can do everything with care and well, without complain, as it's taken me forty years to realize. She'll discover this earlier than me I know.

She practiced handwriting, we sang Be Strong and Courageous, since we are now learning about Joshua and Caleb and Canaan. Then read the Japanese Twin Sisters, and she noticed the kindle says 79 percent, so she was asking if we will read a different twin story after. This is Take's birthday chapter, their ultimate favorite. It's a girls paradise, and beautifully written, with details and events that will make little girls swell. And I brought back to the schedule our abandoned Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans. This book has been rejected more than once. I did not let her oppose to it, since some of the biographies have been so lovely for them. I understand they are not into battle events, so I told them we will move forward and picked Daniel Boone which I had read before and knew they will like. Both of them got into the story... (I heard "it's a mother's intuition" song, the one Kanga sings in one of the Pooh movies, inside me). They remembered the big vines we saw in our vacation, and they were both intrigued about how he escaped the Indians chase.

There is a very fine line between pushing and just guiding or offering. Some in the unschooling movement (and please, I'm not trying to be confrontational, for I know not all unschooling is the same), see anything we propose as directed, pushed in other words, and they don't see value in anything that doesn't come from the child... I also agree that we can't spend our days coaxing them, bribing them, pushing them or lecturing, and the age of the child is key too... I know that's not learning. And some of those activities they propose you do with your children are to me bribes, not the ideas that ignite learning in them, because most are based on entertaining, and they are bells and whistles to me. Different from the intrinsic and genuine interest hidden in just a story like this of Daniel Boone.

From the Charlotte Mason Help, I'm looking at her music/ composer and art study. I like her plan for music appreciation in the early years, I'm working on it. I may still see what composer they are listening to at ambleside, but I found Lindafay's suggestions for music very doable and simple but very reasonable too. I realize I was still putting more emphasis on the books and leaving the rest of what makes Charlotte Mason relevant on the side. Instrument practice it's also very well explained by her. We will go back to the recorder. As for the art, we got this photo book, and I'm also working on printing some artist pictures, even if it's in a small size, to start our own album with prints and artists I know they'd love, and why not, with artists I LOVE TOO myself. So I'm filling the shopping cart and a paper with a few selected items, nothing impossible for our budget, I will post once I purchased what i bought and how much it was, and hopefully this coming August we'll have a meaningful but simple plan to follow that will include nature walks, drawing, recorder practice, art and music appreciation, hymns study, and the slow reading we are familiar with, and we'll keep our math, handwriting and reading short lessons.

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Marvan said...

Don't give up LOL, we all have those days!.
Thank you for thr link to the charlotte Mason Help website, I'll have a closer look at that.

by the way just Off Topic, I think you can believe in Darwin and God at the same time. At least I do.... ;)

Now, try to find that rest.

Marvan said...

grrr, I hate the google account when he doesn't let me fill in to follow up comments from the first comment on..... grrrr

Silvia said...

Thanks Marvan. You'll love the Charlotte Mason Help. Just keep calm, ha ha ha... The day after I stopped panicking and saw what great wisdom there is in that site.

And yes, google reader, and blogger comments feature is not my favorite thing either. I keep hoping they'll work on it.


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