Life is So Good

This book was in Stephanie's list of 12 books that she recommends. It truly was one of the best books I've read in many years. As always with books like this, I was very sad when it ended. I read it slowly, but it was a library loan and not too big, so I read it in a few weeks, and I'm sad I won't be reading about George Dawson, his remarkable life and his amazing way of seeing things.

I've been reading this book along with Poetic Knowledge. I have to tell you that Mr. Dawson is a true example of a person who had wisdom despite his inability to read. His chapter about his job in the Dairy, where he could fix machines, and read the levels of the boilers without reading, just by observing, opening and assembling back the machines, kept me thinking. We that READ, can we really read?. His life had the right order of things, he experienced the world, he knew animals, worked and never thought about it as a 'job' to be done and followed by 'entertainment', and he saw Truth and Beauty with capital letters. I said I wouldn't reveal anything, but the part where he said that people look at the water when they fish but they don't see... they don't see that it is sometimes still, it ripples at times, there may or not be wind, God does whatever He wants with the water and wind in whatever lake He pleases, but it is always different.

It may be that your to be read book pile is a mile long, but do yourself a favor and get this book at the top of that pile, I'm completely convinced that you won't regret it.

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Pam... said...

It does look like a good one for a hot summer day. Will check out the library soon.


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