An Intense Week

This has been a wonderful week, with a crisis day and all. It's always this way when I plan. I read, I look, I panic...I go to sleep, I wake up, and I tell myself that I can do it, that WE can do it, actually, THEY ARE ALREADY DOING IT!

The girls are going out with their bikes almost daily. Yesterday we went to the park and they played and made a piñata they will break next week at the park, we ate zucchini and scallions from our garden, we went to the YMCA, they did good with our weekly readings, math, writing and all. They danced, and we are back to practicing recorder. Sometimes we think we need an expensive instrument or lessons, but it's incredible what a recorder can teach if you are willing to learn. I can play some tunes by ear, Blue Heart likes to follow what I do, but she is very green, of course, :) So there is no need to spend yet, but just to keep at it, 15 minutes every day, and I know soon we'll see or hear, some music coming from her recorder.

We already listened to these Italian songs, and today I caught them singing them... so cute. If you don't know what you-tube play lists are, please ask me, or just sign up, and once you are signed in, you will see buttons to create playlists, or add to favorites, and you can embed those lists as you embed a video, so that your hymns, foreign language videos, or any collection you have, can start growing and once you go there you can listen to all or pick.

On Wednesday we did tons of things. Post office visit to mail two books I sold, from there to Walmart to buy and eat popcorn chicken, some wedge potatoes and a bottle of water. To the doctor for Little Bean's well exam and five shots plus a TB test and a poke in her finger. She did GREAT. She did not shed a tear, only complained a bit. So from there to the Dollar General to get them a notebook and a one dollar toy, and to get that album for our artist study next school year. To the swimming pool at the park for Blue Heart's swim test in case we end up signing them up for classes.

Life goes very fast if you are not careful. I do not take for granted that we will be at any of our group activities, many times we don't go, I listen to my body and mind and theirs, and decide if it's time to be outdoors and share with others, or to be home and guard our time.

I plan to go back to translating, I have 5 pages down of 22 from this installment and I would like to be finished by Monday the latest. Part of this translating work is of Charlotte Mason's originals, and it is as intense as gratifying and it teaches me an immensity. 

Soon we'll have our water park days, our getting together with some friends when they are out of school, and our summer plans and rest to recharge energies for next August when we'll resume, Lord willing, and start a new exciting year.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a good week. My kids are spending lots of time outside on their bikes too. The days I have a plan go so much better for us too.


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