From our sauna with love! (and stickiness)

I'm typing up here in my game room/office without AC in humid and hot Texas (but you should know there are parts, like San Angelo, where they do not live in this sauna type of weather). However we can count ourselves SUPER LUCKY since I have a neighbor three houses down who works on the AC business and who is an honest man, and when I knocked on his door this morning at 6:00 am, he said he'll come later because today he was off. Every two Fridays he is off, so Mr. AC Compressor was considered enough to stop working on the right day.

Programmed obsolescence. This is the term for the world we live in. Now it happens that our inside unit is old school, the new units have a different freon that is politically correct with the environment (and there may be some truth on the benefits to using this type of freon), but I'm not buying the fact they can't do better with compatibility and specially with the life time of electronics and gadgets. So it happens that if we change the compressor, which is luckily still under warranty, we'll have a new compressor and a good fix of the unit by my neighbor, but in an old unit. (Such as new wine in old skins, or new cloth patch in ragged garnments or how was that said in the Bible?) Not the best idea, but one between 600 - 800 dollars. The other choice was to change the old exterior unit for around 2,000 dollars with a new old model that is not being built anymore, but if the old inside part of the AC goes bad, then chances are we will have to replace both again, since old units are not being built. And that too will be having again an old inside unit and a new old model outside unit. And if you are still there, we finally opted to change the compressor since it's under warranty for a couple more months. We are lucky in all this mess, aren't we? This means the fix can last two months or five more years, or anytime in between. Technically even less than two months, but I'm not being that pessimistic.

A collateral benefit to all this is that I may loose a pound of two with the sweat and drinking water, but there is a bouncing danger of overeating on the weekend with the stress too and gaining the pound or more back.

As for our week, we are almost finished with MEP math, we are LOVING our readings, and their narrations are getting better each day. We are enjoying some of our new book findings I got from our book store sale, and tonight we'll go to see Alice in Wonderland by our homeschool group children. The thing I couldn't do was a post on the book club. We also started to read The Insect Folk last week, and this week it was about dragonfly larvae, but the girls did not want to draw the larvae, so they opted for butterflies. We also finished the Japanese Twins. It is such a lovely book, I highly recommend it. Homeschooling is truly a blessing. I love planning, looking for books, reading them with the girls, drawing, singing, cooking with things from our garden, learning about insects, people, life. Walking early in the morning (even though I only did it twice), was amazingly good.I hear my neighbor's truck (since all my windows are opened to get some mushy air and the illusion of coolness)... I better go to see how long till we can breath ;)

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Books For Breakfast said...

Silvia, we have very similar AC problems. When the heat gets to be too much, feel free to come over even on non-Tuesdays.

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

You're in your sauna in TX and I had to take a hot shower to warm up this evening after spending time outside in the rain. I'd send a cool breeze your way if I could.

Silvia said...

I have the sweetest friends! We not only need the breeze but the rain. In Houston we are also having a serious drought too.

I did not know the house will be so humid and mushy after the whole day without AC. My little girl said mom, I'm hot, with sweat drops rolling on her forehead. The carpet, as we walked on it, felt hot.

Now we are poorer but cooler!

However I did not say something, CM in the City, I do LOVE our weather, though. Most of the days we see the sun. It revitalizes me. If you wake up early enough, it is nice too. Our skies are beautiful. The colors are splendorous. And homeschooling gives you the opportunity to enjoy fall and winter days that feel like spring.

I get a kick of you living an urban CM life in iconic NYC. It sounds and looks like the movies to me. We have cows, longhorns, donkeys, and cowboy life around even in the suburbia!

Silvia said...

Thanks Heather... I'm taking your offer (even with the AC fixed as it is now, he he he).

Would it be fine for us to join for breakfast this coming Tuesday in their pajamas, the girls, as you said? Remind me the scissors too!


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