First Grade Plans, Part II

I continue preparing. I know preparing is important. As Mystie says it's needed to reflect about how and what we did last year to look ahead. That's part of my blogging thing, to narrate books I read, to learn, to stay in touch with others in this world of homeschooling, AND record, reflect, plan and learn. And in case this helps (and doesn't become a stumbling block) others, I too share.

My husband has asked me for two more months before he allocates the funds for our little purchases for next year. This is actually great. Things arrive in a week, and these two months give me time to really think if we need to buy what I intend to, and to keep working on the schedule and plans for which I don't really need to have those things with me.

Our plans for next year, starting in August.

We will continue with MEP, year 1, second part, which is lessons 75-180, 1b. We have done Arithmetic for Young Children, up to half of it, and it is another book that we'll continue doing. The addition that it's in the shopping cart is this book to the left, Dr. Wright's Kitchen Table Math. I believe it will help me do more hands on activities on the concepts MEP brings up, which can be done hands on as well. I need to stop by LIVING MATH again, and keep incorporating math literature as well.

I teach at our congregation regularly in my daughters classes, and this July I'll teach at my oldest starting a new curriculum we've adopted called SHAPING HEARTS FOR GOD. It's a fantastic curriculum back to basics, memory work, map and history facts, and Biblical knowledge of the OT and NT with lessons close to the Bible. As we'll see the Bible in chronological order, we will continue strengthening those teachings at home with the student booklet that has the lessons for the parents, and with our readings, narrations, illustrating to narrate, etc.

History, Natural History, American History Biography, Literature, Poetry. We'll follow the recommendations by AO, year 1, with substitutions or exchanges of some of the books in Spanish.

Foreign Language, Hymns and Folk Songs. We will add some every month or quarter to the pages in my resources website for those.

Composer/ Classic Music Appreciation and Understanding. We'll follow Lindafay's Charlotte Mason Inspired Curriculum.

Instrument practice. Also from Lindafay's website, we'll get back to the recorder, and these are also books I have in the shopping cart.

Art study. Thanks to Lindafay, we have a viable plan for the first time. Following the AO designed artist has not worked well yet at home. I need to secure their interest in real art. They have appreciation of some illustrations in books that are purely artistic, but I want them to know and enjoy great painters of all times, and I DO THIS FOR ME TOO, :) So we'll start that album with prints. I'm thinking a first approximation to 6 painters will be great. Then in year 2 we may follow the AO suggested painters. We'll see.

Nature Study. We hope here that reading Comstock's book and Year 1 books, will inspire us to paint some of the nature we already love and appreciate. I'm still debasing a plan that is doable, simple, and that works. I wish I had Karen Andreola's easiness to inspire my own children as she did hers to draw what they observed in nature. Maybe this will click soon. They draw insects and plants sporadically, but away from nature, so they do it from memory, and I have not found a more systematic way of keeping track of this. We have an abandoned journal with four entries, and it is a starting point, but I am still thinking.

Physical Education. Still no formal practice, just the usual romping and indoor dances and gymnastics they do all they long.

Reading/Phonics/Spelling. Should I get that Sequential Spelling? Hmmm, I most likely stick to McGuffey Readers/Spelling.

* Should I get this Geography tape and book?

* Should I get the Song School Latin?

I also need to make some room for the many things I'd like when I visit Malta and Spain after Thanksgiving, Lord willing.

As you can see there is not a lot of money involved. I buy second hand books in addition to this, and supplies. I believe you don't need to spend much at all, but if you have a budget or can save up for some things that may help you motivate you to teach, that's a great opportunity. Also remember too that most things you can resell or buy used. I may have other resources of your interest in my resources website too.

And that's all. Many things will go great, many others will be fine, some will not be accomplished in the way we expected, others will be fulfilled beyond expectations, because this is real life. And the plans that look great have no comparison with the ideas that come to life in our children minds. But surely all this helps us, motivates us, and inspires us to bring a feast to them appropriate in variety, size, appeal and quality. Now they have to do their part, which they are born to do, the growing, learning, and forming those relationships with all these around them.

8 opinion(s):

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a great year!! Why not study the geography of Spain/Malta before your trip rather than purchasing another book?

Ellen said...

What wonderful plans, Silvia! We don't tend to follow AO's artist/composer studies, either. I select those I think they girls will enjoy most, and we're off! We have started a notebook of painting postcards, which I bought inexpensively from Dover. Enjoy your planning!

Silvia said...

Thanks Ellen, it's good to know you also do your own thing in regards to composer and artist. Did you see a Charlotte Mason Help music suggestions for different years? I'm sure you already have music understanding and appreciation since your girls play piano.

Marvan said...

Thanks for this post Silvia. It also helps me to think of our next year.

I have thought several times of using an "around the world songbook" but have never got to it sofar, that would be a wonderfull idea for us to really try next year. But I would get it from the library, I have seen they have some. don't they have those in your library, it would be a way to save some money.
Happy planning!!!

Silvia said...

Thanks for another great tip, Marvan. I need to check the library, specially here, do you know we can keep books or tapes, etc. for six weeks? Unless it's required, in which case we are limited to two.

Mystie said...

Lindafay's website has been so helpful for me, as well!

gotjoy3 said...


It looks wonderful. I love planning, but I also can have overwhelmed moments by all the choices. Smiles!

You seem to have a nice balanced approach planned.

Silvia said...

gotjoy3, THANKS A LOT FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT! It truly means lots to me, because when I feel overwhelmed I tend to over plan, or I go to a drastic view and believe we are doing all wrong, and those negative thoughts that are mainly lack of faith and of not worrying about what others do but.
I need to abandon that rush and that tendency to push beyond what is adequate and appropriate, but also be diligent and committed to be there to guide and inspire.


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