Early Monday Morning

White sweet clover
White cotton tail rabbit
Today I woke up at 5:45 am, an unusual thing for me and I don't know why, I guess I have enjoyed the luxury of not having to wake up early way too long. I was going to run with a friend on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and today it was our first day. But it ended being the last one too, it did not work for her, so I am going to have to do this by myself, and it can be any day, even every day if I want to.

Our morning run/walk was beautiful. As we went around the neighborhood, we wondered behind, where we have a pond and the grass is a bit more untamed, and we saw white sweet clover between the wild grass, a few distinctive cotton tail wild rabbits, beautiful flying egrets, and the most common birds I'm so far able to identify, sparrows, starlings, black and brown crows, so pretty both types, the black is iridescent, almost blue, and I heard the morning doves (I didn't see them this morning). I need to keep running and walking and looking around early in the morning. I may come back a bit before seven, when my husband leaves for work, have breakfast with the girls, and take them out in the wagon for morning walks and an injection of lovely nature in the suburbia. Anyplace can be good for a nature walk, some are amazing, don't take me wrong, but you can still enjoy what God has created even in the confines of your neighborhood.

Lets hope today was the beginning of a new habit!

(This time none of the pictures are mine).

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Ellen said...

How lovely! I'm so glad you enjoyed your walk. I like the early morning, too, whenever I can drag myself out of bed to see it!

gotjoy3 said...

Soaking in all the beauty of my morning walks and runs really motivated me to get up in the morning. I always, ALWAYS, feel refreshed when I go. It may be hard to push myself to get up, but I always feel gald I did. I also take this time to be thankful as I exercise. I thank God for the nature and praise Him for his amazing creations.

Glad you had a good morning.

Silvia said...

Chrissy, I totally thought about you, and how you got your motivation to get up so early and walk or run. I also read your post about enjoying the moment, embracing it, and it was very timely.

gotjoy3 said...

Last summer when I started running out side, man I had some of the best prayer walks/runs. Coming over the hills or araound a bend in this beautiful park I go to seeing all the beauty of the creation was so refreshing. IT really set the course to my days. I was so peaceful. It really enlightens me to how POWERFUL God is to be able to create such beauty. He can do that, he sure can help me. Smiles.

Books For Breakfast said...

We must be in sinc this morning. Brian has been waking up later, about 7, rather than 5:45 or 6. He's delighted to find that when he wakes, there is daylight. So we've been going out first thing in the morning while D sleeps. I leave the doors open so she can find us when she wakes. We watched a red headed woodpecker in a tree a few houses down from us. Then we watched some mockingbirds dive bomb the neighbors cat as it streaked through our yard, which tells me there's probably yet another fallen baby bird somewhere in our yard. The kids are becoming so familiar with our backyard birds, and yesterday we were treated to a rare sight, a cardinal. There was once a cardinal pair that lived in the tree in our yard, but we have not seen them in ever so long. We were beginning to wonder if they had chosen another home. But yesterday, there he was, watching us from his high perch. Lovely mornings.

Kelly said...

Last year my mom and I were sitting next to the window in a little Italian restaurant on Holcombe when a motion at the table outside caught my eye -- it was a bird stealing a packet of Sweet n Lo from the dish on the table!

It kept coming back, so I tried to remember it in order to identify it later. I've forgotten for sure what it was, but I think it was an Eastern Kingbird, which I've never seen before. Right in the city, stealing artificial sweetener. Silly bird.

Kelly said...

Now I remember -- it was a Brown-crested Flycatcher. Saucy little thing. :-)

Silvia said...

Oh, thanks Kelly for the link to the picture, it looks so cute!
I'm quite amazed at how birds have adjusted to our foods and presence in the cities (if you can call them that).
I have to tell you I did as Mystie and stopped the mac and cheese with the neon looking like substance they sell as food! (My husband laughed hard!)

amy in peru said...

silvia, are you not in houston? I can't actually recall at the moment...


Silvia said...

Yes, Amy, what did I write otherwise?

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Yes! Being outside the morning is such an amazing way to start the day. I sometimes "fight" it, but I'm always, always glad when I go outside in the morning. Keep it up!!


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