Classicly, books for Kindle

Did you all know about CLASSICLY? I just found it today and I think it looks clean and good.

My kindle book sources are:
Project Gutemberg
The Baldwing Project
An Old Fashioned Education
Many Books 
Blossoms site, NL Home's Compiling Spot 
And this place called KINDLE REVIEW Blossom has that I haven't checked in detail yet.
and typing the book which sometimes appears complete for free at google books or one of the above.
For audio Librivox

But today, in my search to link to the Japanese Twins, this site popped up and I thought I'd share.

Please, if you know of places where to get quality books for the Kindle, add them in the comments and I will include them in this post since it may help others.

6 opinion(s):

Ellen said...

Silvia, this site is new to me. I think it looks well worth spending some time exploring. Thanks! xo

Silvia said...

I'm glad you like it. I thought it looks clean and functional to me.

Blossom said...

Well that is neat! I've been so busy lately that I've not taken the time to locate new sites but I know there have to be a lot more than when I got my Kindle just a year ago. And that is good news for us Kindle owners :)
Thanks for the link to my webpage and also for this new resource!

wonderinthewoods said...

Awesome, thanks for the new link. I love all the resources that are popping up for the Kindle. Are you enjoying yours? I'm just so excited to have portable "picnic blanket" learning. :)

Silvia said...

:) Yes, I love the Kindle, I truly enjoy it in combination with books. It's not replacing anything, it's only enhancing to me.

Tyler G. said...

Thanks for checking out! I'd recommend our Young Readers collection, which has 1700 or so books for kids, which might be perfect for homeschooling. All the best.


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