Winnie the Pooh Party

It was nice week, with some bumpy moments, but those are the sparkle of homeschooling and life, aren't they? :)

I've rediscovered Soup Should be Seen, not Heard, and used it in combination with Richard Scarry Thank You and Please book that I had, gave away, and now I found and bought again, and with Phoebe's Revolt, which are in the widgets on the right of books I'm reading or I've read with the girls. Reading about manners as in Soup Should be Seen..., or the Richard Scurry book, it's very pleasant to my daughters. They really get inspired to behave nicely. Some weeks like this one, it seems that everything talks to us about a theme, it was for us pigs and clothing, there were two stories about pigs, Pig Will and Pig Won't, and Little Bad Little Good Pig, plus the Soup Should Be Seen where we read about clothing etiquette, and Phoebe's Revolt by Natalie Babbit, also about the same. We could make connections with the Israelite people in the wilderness, and the  the 10 commandments and the golden calf we studied this week.

Blue Heart had some math bumps. After one day of not being very happy about doing her short lesson, we tried with Dad teaching her, and today, back to me teaching, she did GREAT with math. We did our Arithmetic for Young Children, and lesson 60 of MEP (if you want to know more about this, you can make a math search in this blog)... Yeah, almost there with book 1a that has 75 lessons. And she declared that she likes math better with mom!

Also yesterday I was handed the most beautiful note in a heart shape you can see on the left. I have never forced any of my girls to do lessons. Blue Heart is six and a half, it's been for a few months now that we are keeping a routine of circle time with sister too, short math lessons, a couple of days a week or three for penmanship, and reading/spelling lessons (10 minutes of her reading along with me, writing some words from the McGuffey lesson).

Thursday they played non stopped at the park. They have this great friendship with some children they've known for almost three years, they also welcome some new friends. We picked the trash in the park first, they were very motivated to do this, so picker uppers and gloves in hand, we walked the park, cleaned, and they thought about where the trash came from. Blue Heart and her friend found two pieces of candy that were wrapped, and they fed the ducks too, and a squirrel that was surprisingly close to us, I observed it as fascinated as the children.

Tuesday we had a lovely party at our friends home, a Pooh party to celebrate we all read Winnie the Pooh. And my friend made cupcakes, handed the children a pencil case they decorated with stickers... a wonderful party, very thoughtful of you, Kim, thanks.

Monday we went to the YMCA, and we expect to go today too after lunch.

We have started to read The Invention of Hugo Cabret in Spanish, and they are enjoying it. We read The Math Curse too, and I thought it would be difficult, and it is, they are not near to solve many of the problems dropped in the book, (not even me, ha!), but Blue Heart grasped the idea and loved it. I recommend this book to you. Little Bean, my youngest, likes 365 Penguins, a good book except for the end explanation. We do not believe in global warming though, we are careful and respectful of our planet because it is God's Creation. Before there exist no weather charts, we don't have an absolute or external measure with which to compare our temperatures, many wise scientists do not agree with some of the political statements other groups pass as proven facts, and though we DON'T DENY the weather and planet is changing, that many disasters are happening, that resources are scarce, that we could face a day without water, etc, we believe the HE HAS THE WHOLE WORLD, like that song children love, IN HIS HANDS. We don't make ecology or going green our new religion, we live simply try to live responsibly with the blessings God gives us each and every day.

After reading Terry and the Caterpillars, by Millicent E. Selsam, illustrated by Arnold Lobel, Blue Heart really wants to have one. We'll look into it again. Once we had a milkweed that did die, but we need to have that first and then ask in the homeschooling group if some have any caterpillars (Monarchs are the common ones here in Texas), because without milkweed we won't be able to feed it.

I'm also making progress in the translation I'm doing. This is being a great learning experience, very satisfying and beneficial. This, the book club and these posts by Mystie have rekindled my homeschooling. As I read from Charlotte Mason recently, the teacher's mind needs to be well nourished with thoughts and ideas, when I get "stuck", I find out that reading Charlotte Mason helps a lot. I hope your week was great too! I leave you with this song I love.

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See Jamie blog said...

The Pooh party sounds like fun. :)

pooh baby shower said...

It seems that the party was nicely decorated and the food stuff were delicious and all enjoyed a lot.


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