In truth I'm both tangled and I also want to talk about TANGLED, the Disney movie too. I have several posts in draft, but I decided to give this a try.

Sometime ago I wrote about the movie Mulan II which I find deplorable.

I'm not a grouchy mom.

Or maybe I am.

I'm more uptight that my husband. He is fun, his sense of humor is straightforward. If he gets me loosened up I can be a bit funny too, but I'm more sarcastic, and I'm glad he is my balance and we complement each other and the girls.

We are committed to teach the girls modesty, to MODEL modesty. Most of the Disney movies are openly immodest (Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell). That helps with a lot of the decisions of which ones to watch and which ones not to watch. But immodesty is not just clothing, it is also language, and attitude or messages as well, and this is where it gets a bit muddy, or I should say I make it confusing. My intuition tells me what we should avoid at the risk of no trauma. We already don't have cable TV, which so many friends consider a radical move, but which so many more I'm encountering have opted for, and contrary to those childhood traumas, I see a glee and happiness in my daughters out of this world. Mind I don't mean that no cable=perfect kids. I know children with cable that are same content, and my critics may be waiting for my daughters to become adolescents, ha ha ha. In which case, if I still blog and we haven't moved to a cave to hide, I will hopefully post about our happenings. If we are all destined to have some childhood so called "traumas", we will take responsibility for them :))

Though I won't try to psychoanalyze Disney movies and stripe my daughters from a childhood of fun and silliness... I need to say this: oh, how I DISLIKE Disney. I'm convinced (and please, shout out if I'm wrong) that Disney has not the purity of my girls' heart even at the bottom list of their priorities.

Last week in a magazine I read... TRUE HAPPINESS... in one of their advertisements to visit their park. Really? How much they can dilute words and ideas doesn't cease to surprise me.

But to the point. Tangled. Yes, we saw it over our holidays, much to my displeasure, the girls came to the truck with Bluebell Ice cream and the movie from the Red Box. The movie starts... amazing graphics. I guess they can afford the best staff, or do they subcontract too and have people in third world countries working for next to nothing? I remember a guy commenting about a popular movie that it was rubbish, he said he knew because he worked on the movie graphics industry, and there is no real craft in this, no acting. It's just lots of hours in front of the screen, feeding yourself junk food and drinking gallons and gallons of coffee, and getting horrible headaches at the end of long days of continuous work. But this is assumption, so I'll stop this thought here.

The idea of Rapunzel's hair immensely long, capturing things, floating like a living thing, etc... clever, very clever. The bad step mother, a wonderful cartoon like version of Cheer in her good times, in my opinion, spectacular. The opening song, catchy and nice. Rapunzel's tower... I want to move there!

Then the movie develops. And you hear lines with subtle ideas that are awkward and low. They are rooted on vulgarity, they are not inspiring. They use cliches, they appeal to the low in adults if in the best case scenario, your children don't pick up on things such as the drunken "cupid?" at the tavern, or the cabaret grotesque number there. A bit like the unnecessary tavern number in Beauty and the Beast. It is clear to me that Disney does not know how to stay away from "twaddle", and be more loyal to the innate appeal of stories and fairy tales such as those.

Many will cringe, they will accuse me of ultra conservative, party spoiler, anal, and many more adjectives, and I happily take them. Maybe this happens to me after six years of no TV, questionable books and movie detox. I know we are different, I know we are eccentric, but we are not the only ones, and you can be too! Disney doesn't have to be our culture. There is a whole and real America there that doesn't need to pray on children to empty their precious minds and fill their own pockets.

Next time, after a long talk with my husband, we won't watch such a movie. PERIOD. But the Bluebell ice-cream will stay. And I hope my daughters' memories of their childhood will be far from tangled but clearly based on what is beautiful and true.

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Tiny Apples said...

I agree with you! I do not like Disney movies or many other cartoons on television. But I don't think my children will be harmed from them. Many of them are silly. The harm could come from trying to emulate them and that is only something parents know about their own children. So I agree with limits... I have boys so they would tend to imitate the violence.

H points out women who are not dressed appropriately and says to me, "Mom why is she dressed like that? You don't wear things like that." This is pretty amazing since I've never said a word about the way people dress! Ever. But he is embarassed by it. It was the perfect chance to talk about respect, respect for girls regardless of how they dress and how girls can respect themselves by dressing appropriately. Now I sound like the modesty police, which I am not, but I do wish girls and women would cover a bit more. I love that show "What not to Wear" --awesome show!

Anyhooo, I got on here to give you this great link to Misti's blog. She is pagan and does not like Disney either. In this link she has a long list of original books that Disney movies are based on. :) http://delaney-smith.net/ChezSmiffy/?p=82

Tiny Apples said...

Tiny Apples is me, I tried to switch it to my W blog. ~Cori

Silvia said...

Hi Cori... I'm truly glad to hear that you agree with this, even if you don't deal with it exactly as we do.
I'm not sure if having boys is different, but having girls I don't want their models to be crafted after these Disney girls.
True fairy tales have this protagonists and heroines I want my girls to identify with, and Disney doesn't always help.

Anonymous said...

Ayyy Silvita como siempre dando en el clavo!
Justamente me andaba preguntando que tal la dichosa pelicula esta.
Nosotros tampoco tenemos cable!, andamos con una antena toda destartalada de tanto moverla para agarrar mejor la señal, jajajaj( que para ver PBS no hace falta mas, no?)
Pero cuando le pregunte a mi Zoe si la queria rentar, despues de ver unos avances me dijo-" no mami, no quiero verla", ja!...tiene 8 años y sigue prefiriendo Strawberry Shortcake!
Y ultimamente le sigo la corriente, porque yo no se como sera, pero creo que los niños criados realmente en Cristo,tiene esa proteccion,que con el tiempo saben elegir lo que les conviene...y justamente Disney no les conviene para nada...
En la mayoria de sus peliculas hay mucho mas de lo que vemos (incluso para los que SI queremos ver que les ofrecemos a sus hijos)

Si me permitis la recomendacion, la pelicula Free Willy 3 (que estaba en el red box ahi perdidita) esta muy bonita. A mi nena le encanto y hasta le desperto las ganas de aprender mas de las ballenas...anda con un librito de animales marinos y ahora es una experta!

Asi que mil gracias por la recomendacion y perdon por no escribir en ingles, pero si me pongo a traducir...fui!
besote y bendiciones

Silvia said...

Marina, no tienes por qué escribir en inglés en absoluto... y sí, a mis hijas también les gusta mucho Strawberry Shortcake... lo veo más apropiado, y como dices, nuestras hijas no tienen por qué crecer tan rápido... Tangled tiene dieciocho años en la película. Como ves, Disney quiere ir y vá a por todas, las pequeñas, las no tanto, las adolescentes con lo de la rebelión y el príncipe, etc... en definitiva no merece la pena.
Y gracias por el consejo, Free Willy 3 será nuestro próximo show, como dicen las nenas, ja ja ja.
Un beso y sigue con tu buen hacer. Un besito a tu nena.


Anonymous said...

me equivoque con la pelicula de Free Willy porque es la 4 ,no la 3.
Es donde trabaja una niña ( la hijita de ese hombre australiano tan famoso(Que fallecio,ya) que andaba con los cocodrilos...

Me quede pensando y no queria dejar de comentarte que es una pelicula sencilla, de performance y dialogos simples pero tiene colorido y hasta le encontre un poco de angel a pesar de la niñita personificar a esta heroina de ballenas un poco cabeza dura y hasta un tantito insolente (para mi gusto a veces),y sus abuelito esta en el negocio de atraer clientes y para ello tiene un rol bien comerciante-mentiroso...pero que al final se cae de maduro que no les sirve ser asi y se mejoran su trato y forma de vivir...asi que en general ,como toda pelicula tiene sus pro y contras.
Lo queria aclarar porque tus niñas son un poquito mas chiquitas y no se...aca te dejo el link con trailer y fijate vos. No quiero ser imprudente ( aunque conociendote por tus blogs, estoy mas que segura que chequearas primero)

Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove (Video 2010)

Si la llegaras a ver, comentame please!
Muchos cariños

Silvia said...

Qué linda, Marina. Nada de imprudente, es cierto, hay que ver la edad, quizá estas monitas sean aún muy peques para la película, pero me quedo con ella en mente para cuando crezcan. Y sí, me pasaré a ver el trailer.


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