Second Weekly Wrap-Up

It has been a quick week and sort of different.We had lessons on Monday and Tuesday, some done on Wednesday. And when I say lessons I speak about short lessons that include a reading from the Bible, math, writing and reading from our weekly readings, narrating some of those, and my oldest practicing her reading. And as a consequence of our Poetic Knowledge study, I'm reconsidering some of our practices and constantly trying to put more emphasis on music, real life experiences, dancing, exercising, enjoying art and nature. And we sang, danced, and they played a lot too. Many believe this is unschooling, I do not call it like that. We haven't dropped the lessons, it is more as putting them in perspective and always looking at our balance between what regards to poetic knowledge and to "scientific" knowledge.

Since last week vacation, my throat has been hoarse, and I have coughed in the nights until late, unable to sleep very well, so Thursday I went with the girls to the doc who gave me a mild antibiotic but who told me my lungs were clear... I never get sick, and when I do, it is a humbling because I understand others dealing with allergies, cough, etc.

So these past two weeks I haven't exercised at the YMCA. In our vacation we walked a lot, but I miss the instructors and their classes. I do cardio class and yoga which I love. I am also working in a translation, and I'm working on a block of 34 pages, and I'm on 25 or so. Right after this wrap up I plan to go back and hopefully finish it.

As for the girls. They are WONDERFUL, they are truly sweethearts, they are loving their bikes, loving our neighbors who homeschool too, and spending time with them, they love the weekly readings, our park days and play dates... and given I shouldn't be using my voice much, I gave us a three day holiday this week, and we took advantage to do some much always needed cleaning.

I started with downstairs. I moved my shelf and desk again, and at the same time took care of the organizing the books and the shelf where we keep our supplies and manipulatives that I have in our dinning area which we use the most for eating, working, etc.

And up with the remainder of the books from downstairs that I wanted to have upstairs. I tackled the game room. Oh, boy! We have many books, and not as many as some, but a modicum good supply that is growing and needs purges occasionally. So I disposed of titles that are twaddle and others not according to our believes and values, and this time I organized books by themes. It makes sense to me, but don't ask me when this will change again. I have many picture books by science, and many by social studies, several about birds along with our Old Blue story for when we jump into it sometime next year. We have then many books about mouse, some about food, many rhymes and abc books, several math picture books, princess tales, other continent legends, classic tales, dog books, cat books, pig books, elephant books, animal books... Now I can really see a theme and find an isolated book by remembering what it's mostly about, and at the same time, when I find that book, see others in the same group, because we have some good books we haven't read yet.

I also put together puzzles and games, and made the decision to get them out and play more. We played checkers this past week, and I barely remembered what to do and how to play it. I also decided to bring more supplies upstairs, because they draw a lot when we sit down for lessons, if not, when they work upstairs, unless they get some stuff from the crafts closet, they usually use their pencil or a pen on white printer paper. And I got some of the good markers and manila paper, and you see that chucky cheeses creation from that fact.

And I saved the best for last. My youngest daughter, who is four and five months, amuses me with her drawings. This one is a rendition of Chucky Cheeses, yes, a place they have visited twice, on a birthday, and invited by a friend. She carries a notebook or paper literally everywhere we go. And both girls played wonderfully this week, it was a delight to hear their singing, their made up riddles, and how they helped me cleaned their room, made labels for different things, and cleared the closet and created a hide out where they are sleeping together right now.

Life is good. Thank you, Lord.

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6 opinion(s):

Giggly Girls said...

precious drawing!

Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. I'm not one who gets sick very often. It's been at least 6 years. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Just popping in from the wrap-up.

Silvia said...

Giggly Girls... Oh, thanks so much! Yes, I'm fine now, and it was three years for me, 6 years! Wow, that's amazing!

Ellen said...

Hi Silvia! I love reading your wrap-ups. Glad you joined in! Congrats on your cleaning/clearing out and organizing. I SO need to do that here. And I'm also glad you're feeling better. You're right -- life is good. Thank you, Lord.

Silvia said...

I love reading yours, Ellen, I always do, even if I do not always comment!

MommyKuehner said...

Sorry you havent been well. I hate cold season in the spring:(...glad you are on the mend and able to get some stuff done. That is how I spent our

New follower from the link-up.
Have a wonderful upcoming week! Look forward to reading your blog.


Silvia said...

Renita... Thank you.
You know, it may be a simple silly thing, but all of you that have cared for me at the blog and via email, have made my day!
It was nice to hear "get well".

I will visit your blog too :)



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