First Grade Curriculum and Materials

I can't believe I'm writing this posts and working on these plans. My oldest was four when I started to venture into Charlotte Mason and became more active as a blogger, inquirer, and learner.

I thought I knew something, but lately I am realizing how ignorant I am in regards to CM and homeschooling in general, and how much I still need the support and guidance that I get from others.

The hardest part continues to be avoiding COMPARISON. I know I shouldn't, but I look, and I add, and I read and I panic! I thank all of you who answer my questions, listen to my thoughts tirelessly, and who encourage, support, and INSPIRE me.

(In random order)

1. The readings.
Our ten weekly readings we do slowly, and from which I ask narrations preparing my oldest for some independent time with Ambleside Online Year 1.
2. Narration. Both girls seem to be quite natural. I am sure that it will have its moments next years, and we have had some rejection, but I honestly believe I was asking for narrations of the hardest of our readings, orally, and I need to remind me that it is fine to draw the narrations (which they do with joy and precision), and to vary the ways of asking for them.
3. Our Bible study. We have deflated some and now we are mostly back to the core (reading the account, narrating, and reciting the memory work we have learned in the year). I admit we have not study an hymn in depth, but the girls know many songs, and D1 is starting to read and sing from the hymn books at church.
4. Learning to Read. D1 reads. She does not pick books and gets lost in them yet. However she reads. Now the McGuffey readers are clicking and working. I have a book in a shopping cart for spelling that I hope it may work. I teach as we read. I need to dust the phonic cards for the fall. Following Brandy's suggestion to my question about this, I will be sure to set a time for SSR every day. D2 knows her sounds and seems to be zealous about her reading time, play time, and art. Not lessons, the sun is up in Houston most of the days and we are out.
5. Arithmetic for Young Children and MEP. Both free programs you can access from my resources math page. I need to incorporate more games. They are enjoying those lately. Math in books. But I can't count on this, we find it randomly. I would like to find some Math Mammoth booklets to target some concept as they come up in the other two programs. I need practice with measurement and weight. And I'd love to find something fun for fractions too.
6. Composer and Art. The music appreciation is rolling. We listen to the AO composer regularly. The thing I can't seem to trap is art. I think I am going to stick to the most prominent artists I know, as Mystie did, and go from there. Print some pictures for the girls (we are definitely missing this part, and this is key), and see where we go from there.
7. Nature walks and learning. I am taking slow steps into this. We enjoy this informally all the time. I'm excited to see what a careful look at the Nature Study Book in year 1 will do for us.
8. Writing. I'm happy with the booklets and practice D1 does. D2 joins sometimes, and is exploring with letters, writing them intermingled with her pictures.
9. Our KINDLE. I am reading more, I am still buying books, but it has already been an incredible tool to read the Arithmetic for Young Children Book, the Bible, many of the Simply Charlotte Mason booklets on PDF that read quite nicely in the horizontal and that I never quite finished tired from the screen. My dear Sherlock, the rest of the FREE books. I still think that nothing beats books, though.

I guess I will write a number 10. (OC me).

10. The Lord. In Him everything is possible, through Him all is obtainable, with Him, all is bearable.

At the end of November, Lord willing, we will go to Europe to see our families, and there I plan to get books in Spanish for the girls to add to the second semester readings and for further years.


5 opinion(s):

Pam... said...

:) Wow. You are amazing! What a woman of excellence.

Silvia said...

Pam, I won't call me that... I'm more of an impenitent perfectionist and overachiever. I'm learning to refrain, to listen, and to respect their pace. But I can't help it!!! I get very excited with the book lists and plans!!!
Woman of excellence is what I thought of you when I saw your lecciones matutinas, morning lessons post. BEAUTIFUL.
But I thank you for always being nice and sweet to me!

Much love,

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Hooray for you! This is a great recap - what wonderful things you've accomplished.
And I'll repeat what I can tell you already know: don't compare. If someone inspires you and encourages to reach higher, that's one thing. But if you start to doubt yourself when looking at someone else, stop looking.
Have a year-end celebration for a job well done, Mom!

Silvia said...

CM in the City... I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I should be one of those moms with those words you say of not doubting and comparing decorating my kitchen, bedroom, and a traveling sign to hang from my neck! But I am slowly getting better.
Writing these posts is a two way sword, though. On one hand they help me see all they did and I was able to inspire, and to moms who are confident, it helps them rejoice with me, but on the other hand, it may be a reason to stumble for other moms, such as me when/if I compare. I should have written WARNING, ha ha ha. And trust me, I write this not to brag but to be realistic and stop beating myself.

Mystie said...

Comparisons are hazardous -- and so hard to avoid! But every family and every homeschool is different and ideally we would all rejoice in how our personalities can be reflected and manifested in our homes and families and education. There simply aren't formulas that woodenly work.

I think it's a great idea to look over the previous year and analyze that before moving on and planning the next. It looks like you're using some amazing books! And you definitely seem like a "fun mom." :) I almost never get out either the paints or even the play dough, and I never do craft projects with the kids. I need to loosen up a bit and get out the messy stuff more often.


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