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It is quite exciting to find places like this. I thought I knew where to buy books, but apparently there are more wonderful online places like this, with free shipping to a list of numerous countries I have included at the bottom of the post.
I found this at Stepanie's Blog the Broad Room, in her my shelf section  where many of her recommendations are linked to this or to ABE BOOKS. Even from the Book Depository they will send you to ABE if they don't have it and Abe does. Other places I have mentioned are Thriftbooks, and

A - Andorra, Antigua And Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, AustriaB - Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Brunei Darrusalam, Bulgaria
C - Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic
D - Dominica, Dominican Republic
E - Estonia
F - Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, France
G - Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guadaloupe
H - Hong Kong, Hungary
I - Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy
J - Jamaica, Japan, Jordan
L - Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg
M - Madagascar, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco
N - Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway
O - Oman
P - Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puertorico
R - Reunion, Romania
S - Saint Helena, Saint Lucia, Saint Pierre And Miquelon, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland
T - Taiwan, Trinidad And Tobago, Turks And Caicos Islands
U - United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, US Virgin Islands
V - Vanuatu, Vatican City

2 opinion(s):

bajo el diente de león said...

Silvia, te confieso que soy una adicta a TBDepository... Bueno, y a ... jejeje :S.

Los otros lugares que mencionas, no los conocía... Luego les echo un vistazo (qué peligro...). Gracias!

Feliz semana y un besito.

Silvia said...

No lo sabía...cada día descubro algo nuevo sobre libros y sobre vosotras, ja ja ja.


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