Support to families who homeschool in Galicia, Spain

Homeschooling in Spain is undergoing difficulties. There is not pertinent law about it, there is a legal vacuum as some call it. This leaves families in a position where anyone who wants, from your neighbor to the school principal, any teacher, etc., can make a phone call to social services alleging you do not send your children to school. The Department of Education places a law suit to investigate and families are visited by Social Services, and even Police officers, and called to court on the basis of not having their school age children enrolled at a public school or at any of the private schools accepted by the government. Distant education centers are not recognized as schooling, so families can be charged with neglect or abandonment, as it is called. Since homeschooling families do not neglect the children but take care of their physical and educational needs responsibly, judges dismiss the cases one at a time. Many judges are tired of having to follow this protocol, and appeal to the politicians to write specific law that they can apply.  But there is also a fight to enforce compulsory attendance, and a push from some sectors to only admit compulsory attendance as a premise to show you educate your children, a fight to equate or reduce educating your children to sending them physically to school.

In Galicia they have passed the "Lei de apoio á Familia e á Convivencia de Galicia", (Law to Support Families and Family Life in Galicia) and as my friend Meni writes in Spanish in her blog  Homeschooling Spain, this law establishes this:

Artícle 52. Truancy Situations.
It is considered truancy:
j) The absence of habitual school attendance of the child or adolescent with parents or guardian consent.
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to support these families.
It is greatly infuriating that some families have to go through this treatment, but the battle is not ended. Let's help them be more than a whisper, let's help them VOICE their cause.

2 opinion(s):

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing this, Silvia!

Silvia said...

Your welcome, Mónica. I have made friends these years with many homeschoolers in Spain, and it breaks my heart. I can´t tell you the pain I feel when I hear this news.


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