Serendipity and Edward Lear

Two years ago I met this word and it was love at first sight. I am since then enamored with SERENDIPITY. Yes, I feel words, love them, dislike them, I tuck many under my skin. Words in Spanish, words in English, words I don't know and once I discover them I start hearing everywhere.

The first time I heard "in a jiffy" I knew it was going to be a habitual in our home. That word transports me to the forties, and makes me think of those radio live shows with the Cream of Wheat commercial of some CD's we checked from the library with classics tales narrated on radio. My girls use it all the time, and it sounds funny and cute to me.
Big Treasury of Little Animals (Random House Picturebacks)

This week we were reading from A Big Treasury of Little Animals a story about a cat her owner decides to call Pickle since he always gets in a "pickle". And can you believe I had never heard that before? Then today, reading from Uncle Wiggily's Stories, that expression came up again.There are so many coincidences that sometimes lead to deeper connections that I do not know how they happen, some may be precipitated by our searches and choices, and maybe they are always there, only that we sharpen our senses and catch them while they are not looking.

His Biography
I am sure many of you know Edward Lear, I didn't. I found one of his poems, The New Vestments, and that same week, SERENDIPITY led us to another poem by him, The Table and the Chair in a book we have in a called Stuff and Nonsense.

And lastly I found probably his most famous poem that has been translated to many different languages, THE OWL AND THE PUSSY-CAT, and if you visit this link you will read it or listen to it in many different languages, at the bottom of the page there are illustrations of the poem, and at the top there is a list with several versions. Our favorite is number five, which one is yours?

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