Old Blue

Review of Old Blue Study Guide by Stephanie Walmsley:
A study guide to accompany the book written by Mary Taylor.

A few months ago Stephanie graciously invited me to write a guest post for her website, The Broad Room, which I did with pleasure. She also sent me this study guide of a book called Old Blue which is well known in New Zealand and new to me. I ordered it through Abebooks and I was ready to enjoy the book and study guide with the girls, but I decided it was a bit too soon for my four year old, and I want to do this when both can join.
This picture book is exquisite, the illustrations are remarkable. The story, a true one, is fascinating.

Stephanie knows Charlotte Mason and has experience in the homeschooling department, you only have to read anything in her blog to see her heart is committed to help homeschooling mothers and families, and she is an advocate and example of a Charlotte Mason education. She explains how to make reading aloud a special time, and she has compiled together several activities that you do not have to exhaust, but that will surely guide you into a comprehensive and meaningful time discovering and learning along with your children.

I am truly glad Stephanie pointed me to Old Blue. It is a great book to have, and if you owe it or have access to it at your library pool and want to do more than just read it with your children, you may want to look into this study guide.

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