A Favorite, A Resolution, and A Word

Playing Candy land on a lazy afternoon
We have a new FAVORITE, THE HUNGRY THING. I found the book but it did not have the first page. Fortunatelly, at Amazon they had the Search Inside This Book feature, and the only page from the book you could read was... yes... the FIRST ONE (insert relief sigh). I was able to add the page to the book with the words from this charming story.

We also got a copy of MORRIS HAS A COLD, which was fun to read and reminded us of, who else, Amelia Bedelia, of course. I have added to my reading pileThe Read-Aloud Handbook, and I will post about it as time permits.

A Resolution: That is to go back to coming to the computer on Wednesday nights, Thursdays and Fridays. That worked for me to have a good balance of getting blogging and screen time out of my system while at the same time not disconnecting from YOU completely. Some consecutive days of no computer give me focus and refresh me too.

A Word. Many of you picked a word at the beginning of the year. Some just picked it a month ago. I have had this word at the back of my mind since the beginning of the year, but never properly committed to it. The word is LISTEN.I need to do a much better job at listening. I always feel I have something so interesting, intense, great to say... but it is not like that. As we all know and I read often, God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, but I do not seem to acknowledge that fact. Well, I am going to try and I am going to learn to listen more this year. First and foremost I will LISTEN to God, then to my family and friends, and to myself. I know I can do this.

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Ellen said...

I need to do a better job listening, too. I try, but I seem to like my own voice better and I don't know why. (Especially since I have this Southern accent!) And I like your computer scheduling, too. Even Himself has begun to comment on how much time I spend in front of the screen.

Kim said...

I learned an interesting thing at my Bible study on Tuesday night - the word 'listen' when scrambled up is silent :) Being silent before God in order to listen. It's so hard to do that in our culture today so taking breaks from the computer is definitely a step toward that! I was offline for most of the weekend and it really did make a difference in my focus on everything around me! See you soon Silvia!

SilviaBlogs said...

You are right, and wise to take your own breaks. Everybody is different, the break that works for you may not work for me. Some do not need breaks to be focus when they are off the screen. I found it refreshing to leave for a few days, you come back and in less you do the same as everyday. Plus the commitment to not come by the computer and read quickly, focuses my mind, and truly freed some time in two days that I used to spend time with Ellen, my girls, clean the fridge, organize the girls' room... it sounds like super mom, but it is not, it is just a mom with a schedule, ha ha ha.

SilviaBlogs said...

Ellen, it is nice from time to time to revisit our habits. I like it. And I always thought you were a great listener *I'm sure you are. But yes, we all can do a better job (although some of us have our work cut out, ha ha ha). Acknowledgment is, they say, the first step!


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