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A few days ago a mom from our homeschool group told us they had a free reading program at funnix. I downloaded it, and to my surprise, my oldest daughter likes to follow some lessons by herself on the laptop. I do NOT base reading on this, neither has she done it for more than three times, but it is interesting, and FREE. There is even a pdf to download the writing practice, but I do not like that part and she just looks at it and moves on. The program has two parts, from 1 to 40 lessons, some of which we have tried for fun too with my youngest, and from 40 to 120. For free during January it is something you may want to add to your resources.

Apart from that, we continue with our life, trying to get back to our routines after a seven week visit of my father in law that was fabulous. Today they sketched too for the first time to enter in Barb's Sketch Tuesdays, I read Pearl and Oink to my youngest, we read half a chapter of Stuart Little (oh, how I love Stuart, I will devote a post to him soon), we are learning about Rebekah and Isaac, and listening to Vivaldi.

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Nancy said...


Silvia said...

Thank you Nancy! I´m very excited. I will celebrate with my best 5 friends first, five amazing women that have played a gigantic part in my life. I will treat them to breakfast. And with my lovely family later.
I am getting a KINDLE, YES, with a red case (already here, waiting for hubby to put it together to give it to me tomorrow), and we all got a YMCA subscription to exercise and use the indoor pool.

Ellen said...

Silvia, thanks for the information about the reading program. I always like learning about new resources and ideas. I love Stuart Little, too. And guess what?? My new Kindle with a RED CASE arrived today!

Happy belated birthday, sweet friend.

Silvia said...

Ellen, my new kindle with a RED CASE TOO arrived on Thursday, but I waited till last night to open it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE .... I love it!
I believe the funnix is more for younger children, but you never know, you may also pass this to someone who needs it.

Shona said...

Happy very belated birthday!

I thought I'd leave a comment to say that I'll be watching out for your contributions in Sketch Tuesday. We enjoyed the recent 'Ugly' theme :)

Also to mention that after trying a couple of different reading programmes, for us the best has been a free one called Progressive Phonics. All you do is register and you can download all the books. The last couple of advanced books are still to be revised, but otherwise it looks like everything is ready to roll, alphabet, beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Just in case funnix isn't working for you!

Silvia said...

Hi Shona... I enjoyed your last post too, I was thinking about you and why the silence, but I now know WHY... yes, I go through spells of less writing.
And yes, I am enjoying the sketch Tuesday and the girls too. Actually I made a mistake and for my little one's picture for Ugly I send Barb the same as before. You see, one more post I have to write, he he he. I wanted to put our three contributions, and explain where Dump the Grump comes from, it is from a silly poems book.
I have several books I'd like to share with you...
Thanks for the other program tip, free reading programs are neat. I have heard about Progressive Phonics. I need to add it to the resources for others.


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