In love (nature study and living math)

DISCLAIMER: Once more this post may look like we are a classy, totally CM savvy, overachiever, gifted homeschooler family...WRONG. We are pretty common (of course we think of us as being special, but in a very down to earth way, nothing snobby). It just happens that I have a Nikon D40 with a 50mm f1.8 stop lens, that I learned a bit of photography while the girls were babies or not even born, and that I'm a total ENTHUSIAST, and I take pride in what we do, I value the small details my daughters observe, recall, talk about, and I collect several days happenings in one post. I want to transmit the same passion for homeschooling and learning, or if you have it, to inspire you to follow your own path and to discover the wonders in it without comparing or despairing.
That being said I have to confess I'm in love with Charlotte Mason's principles.I'm currently reading Volume 6, and I can't find a quote for I'd like to quote the entire volume. I'm taking small steps, knowing that less is more, and enjoying the experience along with my daughters who are like blooming flowers with this rain they receive from the outpour of ideas presented to them in our banquets. (Not to mention the enthusiasm and learning that it arouses in their mom).

Ain't it adorable?

If I have to choose two accomplishments this new homeschool season, those are our humble but steady steps into nature appreciation and study, and the steady pace we are gaining in living math.

These months I'm the one learning about nature (insects and small animals, plants), and the girls have started to do what Amy experiences, they are collecting things, talking about what they see, observing and enjoying drawing what they see as well. I'm proud to have added to my repertoire some Texan insects (coreid, katydid), flowers (firecracker -thanks Heather-, goldenrods, our gorgeous wild sunflowers), today my oldest found a pickerel frog, they point to the hawks and morning doves, and the Mediterranean geckos that we've found a couple of times inside the house and that they spotted going between the seams of our patio wall. They even make up their own poems to go with their drawings, and sing I've been working on the railroad.
This photo was taking with my
small Lumix, but it has a great
Leica lens too.

My oldest is truly enjoying her math (who would have thought about a girl who eats salad since she is four, and who likes math? Not me. I'm a pretty standard school product, books or math but not both, as for salad, I only tolerated some in a veggie sandwich with lots of real mayo when I was eight). But BLUE HEART, she has lots of math talk throughout the day. Currently fascinated with the fact that she can add ten hundred and ten hundred, twenty hundred, or recognizing even from odd, knowing what a dozen is, and estimating when she sees a lot of birds from the car to be a hundred. (Mostly everything that seems to be a lot is around a hundred for her). We've been following MEP, but at lesson 29 it's getting difficult. So I have stopped and we are using our math living books which she loves, or doing hands on games to practice concepts, and she enjoys problems done orally. She cracks me up with her made up problems that sound much like my difficult ones but which always miss an important piece of information and only she can solve, (grin).

Soon to come, how to study the Bible with little ones.

5 opinion(s):

Jeanne said...

Hmmm, are you quite sure you're not a classy, totally CM savvy, overachiever, gifted homeschooler family then? Quite sure?

Sounds like you guys are doing great!

No Ordinary Me said...

How wonderful. Do you have suggestions for a list of Math Living books?

Silvia said...

LOL, Jeanne, I'm too impatient, loud, and worry too much to be any of those!

Chrissy, go to for a wonderfully crafted list, resources, and a wealth of information about living math.

Silvia said...

I forgot...Jeanne, we got to the lesson with the thermometer and negative numbers...I've skipped it and we are fine. But that MEP is just a "bit" confusing, not excessively, I just need to remember that we are the "boss" and I can skip (the methodical OC me)

No Ordinary Me said...

How wonderful. Do you have suggestions for a list of Math Living books?


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