Math with books, food in books, books in Spanish!

My friend Kim gave us this book, Bears! Bears! Bears! And since we have the bears, we did some of the scenarios suggested in the book. It was a great excuse to practice our math. Children love what they can visualize and touch.
 This is an illustration from a folktale called One Potato, Two Potato. This is a favorite. Not only does it have math, Irish flair, exquisite illustrations, but the folktale will teach math and a moral with the simplicity of never fading elegance.

I'm a fan of books crafted with the "Ginger Bread Man" pattern, like this in which the running element is a radish. It has a Latin component to it that makes it fun and colorful.
As the previous book, this one is about food. Real vegetables with pieces of bean for eyes or mouth, photographed in a book called "VegeTAL como eres" (Veggie as you are), that shows different emotions. We made faces to express different feelings and it was hilarious.
"Los zapatos de Munia", a book inspired in a girl who lives in the country in Asturias, north Spain.

"La colcha de la abuela" is a book about a mother, her daughter, and the mom's mom, the grandma, when she moves out of her house into a home for elderly people. The feelings of people when they have to give up their homes to live in this type of places is fairly portrayed. I can tell it's inspired in real life.
These last two books were popular at the time when I taught. Many of those books teachers praised, when tested again as a homeschooling mother with the concept of whole books as Charlotte Mason described, have not stood the test. Clic, Clac, Moo, Cows that type is funny. And what made me sigh was when BLUE HEART asked me what a typewriter was...It made me feel as when I talk to people I consider old who tell me their transport for many years in their childhood was a horse baggy (and they aren't Amish). "El tallador de sueños" is based on a true story, you can see the picture of the people who inspired it at the back of it. They liked to know that real people make these figurines and that one boy now a man had a dream and dare to do things differently.

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