New slideshow

I always like those slide shows with the pictures of highlighted posts that I see in some blogs. For whatever the reason I wasn't able to find the tutorial or the way to add one to my blog.
Finally I found the tutorial at
It was a bit difficult to complete because it has several steps and until they are there you can't know if you are doing it correctly. The uploading of the files and grabbing the 'link' was a bit confusing, it means the http address you see up in your browser box when you click on the uploaded file. I tried it at my trial blog first, and once I knew it worked, I copied and pasted the HTML code for it, as well as the HTML Gadget in the design part of the blog.
Maybe if any has tried tutorials that 'mess up the HTML code' before and like the slide-show, you'll try yours and share with me how it goes.

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