Flexibility and Consistency: in pursue of our schedule

I have been reading several who are planning their next school year. I have enjoyed the simplicity of Nancy's wonderful schedule, I have always liked Amy's idea of devoting a day a week (like Monday: science and natural history, Tuesday: literature and poetry, etc.). It's something that makes the week exciting and gives it consistency. Pam also offers a wonderful simple guideline specially for Charlotte Mason followers. All have inspired me to think about our coming school year, although we certainly work all year round.

In our homeschooling group there are other moms who like to do some of the Charlotte Mason suggested activities such as nature, artist and composer study. We are thinking about devoting a day a week to do these nature studies together, and follow AO for the artist and composer together.
There is a yahoo picture file group to receive each term artist pictures in a printable document. And to listen to classic music, there is a radio station you can listen to for free called Bethoven.com, where you could place requests by email. You can make the station play in your windows real media player and have a minimized button at the bottom of your computer to play and stop at any time.

Back to the schedule, I've specially enjoyed reading the third part of Getting Started, at Simply Charlotte Mason. It's a good synopsis of what this method is about. If you read the previous too, you'll find good advice, even if this is not your approach, it's good homeschooling thoughts for anybody.

And this is our "plan" :-) and schedule:
* EVERY DAY:  Breakfast with Bible (we do that now, we have a daily reading schedule in our congregation that coincides with BLUE HEART's classes, sometimes we do a different reading. Singing hymns and keep working on the Old Testament Books and other memorization).
- Continue with our reading lessons. They are very simple. I point to words when I read for the oldest, we sound letters together for the youngest. I write on the chalkboard and my oldest reads the sentence. I'll leave it open and she'll continue surprising me. Her latest love is an electric dictionary from daddy's she found three days ago and that she uses all the time now to type words, try to read part of the words she sees when she hits enter. She thinks is her 'video game'. She writes when I do and at other moments. I plan to do more of those nursery rhymes as we did some months ago, where I made cards that she put in order or glued in order, and other games with words. BLUE HEART is getting there for reading, I'm confident six or eight more months will make it for her to be more steady.

- Continue with our math exploration: games, oral questions, math literature, etc.

* MONDAY: library day (it may be Saturday instead some weeks). We do this every week, however I'd like to have the flexibility of our visits to the library with the consistency of a day a week for it.

This is the day I want to propose to my friends for the nature walk. We'll follow up at home with anything our nature walk inspires us.

* WEDNESDAY: Stay home. We go to a bible study at church and I usually don't leave the home unless is a play date or a visit to the park. We'll leave this day open, and I'd like to also add literature and poetry. Specially poetry. Remember to pull our poetry books and read some poems, venture to write ours...

* THURSDAY: we also do some activities with our friends in the group this day (play dates, visit the library). I will add games to this day, and possibly start having a family night on Thursdays.

* FRIDAY: cooking, art, something that the prior days have inspired us...We usually do the shopping for the week as a family on Friday (sometimes Saturday).

A goal in mind: to get the girls a cheap electric piano or instrument when their grandparents are here. I see they like to play at times when we are at friends who have pianos. And to bring some Italian or other language CD's from the library to listen to in the car as we've been doing with audio books.

My in-laws are hopefully flying to see us and stay a few months with us this November. The girls will then learn with their 'nannu' to build things, we'll help them work in the house when he wants (he usually loves to work on some wood shelves or things, in our backyard...) We'll cook, eat, laugh, and make marry together. Possibly we'll make some trips together, and maybe my mother in law joins us in some of our activities with the group.

will be six in the fall, that's so exciting! And since our in-laws won't leave until some time in January, I'm thinking it will be great to resume MEP at that time with her, and be more consistent with narration since Charlotte Mason never advised to demand this from younger children. They both give me spontaneous narrations, so I think we'll smooth our way into this.

As I was discussing with Chrissy, no matter if you consider yourself more traditional or relaxed, consistency and commitment are necessary with children. Being intentional and having good habits have to be there too for your homeschool to run smooth.

3 opinion(s):

Pam said...

Sounds like a great plan with 'breathing room'.

No Ordinary Me said...

Thanks a lot for the links above on art and music.

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your schedule - it's helpful and very freeing! I love the feet-in-the-rain picture :)


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