A first dance with the concept of META through Anthony Brown

Ramón Preocupón (Spanish Edition)
Three Little TamalesI don't approve of everything by Anthony Brown, but this book about those little dolls, "muñecos quitapesares" to take away your worries, typical from Guatemala, was a winner. The book may inadvertently (or knowingly) explain the prefix META as in metaphysics, or meta cognitive in a simple and delightful story. This is the Spanish version, the English original is Silly Billy.

If you are from Texas, know someone from here, like tamales, tortillas, or love versions of classics such as the Three Little Pigs, read this whimsical version of that tale. The Wolf's innuendo goes: I'll huff, and I'll puff, like a Texas tornado, and blow your casita, from here to Laredo! That's a book that can have you talking about the prairie, desert, about how one tamale built a 'casita' made of cactus without hurting herself, geography, etc. And it ends up with a happy celebration with their friends the round tortillas. I've seen that book at the library so I'll have to request it.

Corduroy Lost and FoundOde to Humpty DumptyOde to Humpty Dumpty is another favorite at home. My husband cooks 'googeys' (soft boiled eggs), and when the shell is empty he draws faces like Humpty Dumpties with a marker that we keep in the kitchen shelves.

I hadn't read this Corduroy title, it's from 2006, and we have liked it a lot. Corduroy is my little one's ultimate favorite.

Don Quijote cabalga entre versos (Spanish Edition)One Watermelon SeedOne Watermelon Seed was is an easy to read book that has some math in it, counting, multiplication, hidden insects to look for, repetition, and it's good for obvious and not so common adjectives too (glowing orange, nobby and brown).

Don Quijote cabalga entre versos: this is for me for future reference. I've loved the book, poems about the characters and the Spanish classic. My girls can't fully appreciate it but they did not complain to my poetry reading either! They enjoy best the traditional poems from "Poesía Española para niños".

Last we truly enjoy our Hattie books, this one "Hattie Be Quiet...", and "Hattie Rabbit", those two we own, but there are more titles I'll see if they have at the library.

If you want to read excellent children's literature reviews, visit my friend Heather's blog, BOOKS FOR BREAKFAST.

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Jeanne said...

You just do need to show us the Humpty Dumpty Googies!!


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