1 + 1 is not always 2 (and whole wheat pizza recipe)

I need two lives, one to live, and one to blog! :-)

Our doings? Lots and none. I see many of you in summer mood and we are there too, going to play dates, small water parks and having end of school year celebrations that are good excuses to see our hs group friends, because whatever we do at my home, we keep doing. Our boundaries between school and life are not very clear. We are home grown homeschoolers, and we are very used to create, read, write, and calculate even when we don't sit down with that purpose in mine, although I have to confess I'm at moments throwing some bait that they catch with enthusiasm. They do that to me too, :-) so this morning they had me helping them with a sewing project before breakfast, (sigh).

The pizza in the picture is home made whole wheat pizza. Super easy recipe with a flavor we like. It's not the taste of white bread, but my family likes it, it's healthier, and I'm getting to enjoy the coarser taste of whole wheat flower.
-1 cup and 3/4 whole wheat flower
- 1 tsp. Splenda (or brown/white sugar)
- 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
- 1/4 canola oil
- 3/4 milk (I use the 1%, but 2% is fine too)

Knead and roll into a large circle. I bake it then at 450 for 5 or 8 minutes, so it's not that wet but not fully cooked. I get it out to add the sauce, cheese and anything you like to put on top. Put it back in the oven for other 8-10 minutes until you see it's done. The original recipe said to add the sauce and toppings after kneading it, and put it 15 minutes at 450 in the oven, but it got soggy, too wet. I tried putting the dough to cook a bit first, and it resulted in a crispier pizza you could cut and hold in your hand without drooping.

We are also having our first figs. Get ready for tons of pics. They say figs are the nicest fruit to photograph, I love to do that and eat them too.
I got a book called GARDEN WIZARDRY at the used books store for 35 cents, and looking for something interesting at paperbackswap, I found SCIENCE WIZARDRY (which I've received), and MATH WIZARDRY and GEOGRAPHY WIZARDRY which are in transit. 

But what does the title of this post mean? From that science wizardry book full of great experiments, I've read one about molecules. If you get one cup of rubbing alcohol and one cup of water and mix it, you'll see they are not two cups but less. The alcohol molecules occupy the empty spaces or air between the water molecules, resulting in less volume and more density.
We keep reading about math, and I've found this documentaries by BBC, that someone announced in the living math forum. They are fascinating.

About books for the summer, I have some reads mind, and those great public library sale acquisitions have to be read (for what's good to find book bargains if they just come to your home to collect dust, right?) I also forgot to mention this blog by a homeschooling father, he has great book reviews grouped by interesting categories.

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No Ordinary Me said...

Thanks for sharing that pizza dough recipe. Have a fun rest of the week.


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