Painting with passion

Inspired by Pam, and because I had been wanting the girls to paint for a while to make presents and 'picture thank you notes', today we finally got the paint out.
We started together, and BLUE HEART is painting the grass, flowers, and she exclaims "mom, we are painting like MONET (under Term 3)". (I have reserved books about him at the library, but they haven't come yet).

Then she looks at my painting and says: "mom, I wish I were an artist like you", and I say, "I wish I were an artist like you too" I'm trying strokes and playing with different brushes, GREEN BEEN starts doing the same and says, "mom, look, these are footprints and snakes".

Then BLUE HEART asks for another piece of paper and asks what brush I used for the trees, I show her and she comes up with this painting.

Last, she wants me to paint with her a fruit basket, and says it's going to say painted by me and mom. I trace a basket and the middle banana and make a circle for a watermelon, and she does the rest, fills the basket with paint, decorates it with hearts, starts to add fruit, a mango, a kiwi, a prickly pear, an apple. At the end, she is completely pleased with her fruit basket.

They will be great presents for so many lovely friends we have. I'm thinking the pictures that are not fully covering the cardboard, will be complete with a thank you note written in nice paper, cut and glued to them.

If you are wondering about the 'created by Silvia' logo, it's because some friends got their work, pictures, and named stolen recently, they cut their watermarks or if they did not have one, added their own website watermark, and incorporated their posts in their ludicrous website without notifying the owners. It's sad to face all that dishonesty. However, one of them, who has a golden heart, has warned the internet thief, and has let her go unpunished for this time. She offered her the other cheek. Great attitude!

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Nancy said...

Wonderful pictures! How sweet your girls look and how serious they approach their painting! The stealing of the pics sounds awful - how did they find out the pics were stolen?

Silvia said...

Thanks Nancy, yes, they are focused when they paint :)
And we asked her about how she found out. She'll write a post about it and as soon as I know I'll let you know too.
The person stealing has done it from major American blogs and sites, according to my friend. It's a craft website, they say that cooking and craft sites do steal quite often.
I'll post about it when she tells us more:

Anonymous said...

How fun. They are pretty.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about signing up for a 6 week art class with H. We love art! I also wondered about stolen photos. I just don't want my kids photos to be used for something bad. I don't really care if people take my nature photos...

Jeanne said...

The cards are so special I don't think I'd be able to give them away!!

Silvia said...

Jeanne: You read my mind...I was thinking about printing pics of them to make the cards and keeping the paintings. They really look nice in my dinning room where they are right now :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the paintings! Isn't it great how children can enjoy their creativity without being so critical of their work? I love that about them.

Anonymous said...

A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. .........................................

Amy in Peru said...

the scanner is my best friend when it comes to art!! scan it and then you can always remember it and make it part of your digital photo album!!

great job on the painting! way to be brave! It is always hard for me to get the paints out foreseeing the mess, but I'm always glad I did!! :)

amy in peru


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