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We have a small but lovely garden, and at this time of the year we've been harvesting Lima beans that we cook in a soup the Maltese call couscous. It's not real couscous but a small pasta that looks like couscous. It's a simple tasty soup, just sautéing onion in some olive oil, adding some tomato paste, water, a cube, when the water is boiling add the frozen or fresh beans and pasta and reduce the fire, when the pasta is almost ready, add pieces of cheese such as ricotta, or we use fresh cheese. (It has to be in big chunks that do not crumble). Let it simmer and add some poached eggs.

The girls love planting the beans with dad, picking them, and pealing them. They also help me cook the soup and they enjoy it.
Look at those chubby baby hands.

We also have been making some of the PROVE IT book experiments. They are easy to read and to do, with things we all have around the house. Now BLUE HEART says, I'm going to PROVE IT!, and I love how she sounds and tackles the experiments.

This was an easy experiment about soapy water chasing pepper because the skin of the water pulls and the pull of clear water is stronger than that of clean water. One thing, you see the girl with some soap, we added a drop of dishes soap instead. After, when you added sugar, the pepper was supposed to return. When we put the sugar the pepper was trying to come back but it all got mixed up at the end, with pepper on the surface and all throughout, and sugar at the bottom.

 Sometime ago, Nicole asked me if I'd add her link  to my blog, there she has lots of experiments for different ages, taste, and varied difficulty. I added her site to my science links, but I'm making special mention in this post.

3 opinion(s):

Nancy said...

Sweet! That looks wonderful. I miss chubby baby hands around here. I don't get how you can be harvesting anything yet!

Anonymous said...

That soup sounds so awesome.

No Ordinary Me said...

That soup sounds so awesome.


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