I want to blog about a dozen things in one blog!

Books and presents: I received Homepreschool and Beyond, by Susan Lemons. I'll write more once I'm totally finished reading it, but so far I'm impressed with her clarity and quality to reach to the reader. Honestly I thought I knew enough about teaching preschool and young kids, but her book is a pleasant read and a great reference book at the same time. She has an easy way with explaining things and connecting with you. She hasn't asked me to write about the book, I'm not receiving anything by her or anyone recommending it, I simply feel compelled to tell you if you have small children and buy it, you will not regret the investment.

I also have to write reviews about the two books by Catherine Levison and The Great Gatsby.

Math: I'm reading another of Marilyn Burn's books, A Collection of Math Lessons, EXCELLENT. There is also a discussion between a math spiral and a program focused on mastery and how MEP applies to Charlotte Mason that I want to expand on later. I'm researching the topic now.

After a week with my sister who was visiting us from Madrid, of going out to many places, we came back to normal with a lot to clean and catch up with. I've also realized that posting once a week may be my middle balance.

Bluebonnets and Blue Bell ice cream factory visit at Brenham, Galveston, a basketball game. They now watch the birds with the binoculars my sister bought for them, they also have been picking our Lima bean crop with dad, and they practiced their Spanish more intensely than ever. LITTLE BEAN keeps chanting "Houston Rockets".

* Blog Window Banner: I owe you a tutorial on how to edit those to have your own tabs.

* Girls work: they are ALWAYS drawing, and though I think they are 'doing nothing', I started to get papers together and look at their spiral notebooks from church, and I have surprisingly found lots of drawings with many details. I'm attaching a slide show of them. BLUE HEART is 5 and a half, and LITTLE BEAN 3 and a half.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Maybe it wasn't a dozen, but half a dozen things!


My sister was pressing the button so hard she was jerking the camera
and getting most of the pics blurred. But focused pictures are so overrated,
don't you think?


3 opinion(s):

Pam said...

Oh, how wonderful. I just love the girls pictures. They are really talented. (I have seen my share!) You should save them in a large photo/scrapbook. Wallpaper a closet wall with them, or put them under a glass/clear table cloth in the kichen. Very sweet. Definitely include drawing in your day, they have natural talent.

Silvia said...

Thank you Pam, you are so sweet. I love your ideas, I'll do what you suggest.
I think all children have natural talents that if we identify them we can make them bloom, and homeschooling them gives you that closeness to help with that.

Nancy said...

Lots of thoughts in this post - it's like your own personal blog carnival! Your children are gorgeous and you are...well, I can't actually see you. (!) I think the flowers are breathtaking - we don't have bluebonnets up here. I'm glad you had a nice time with your sister.


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