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We have had a week of pleasant findings. In terms of books, we picked BROTHERS by Yin from the library since girls are crazy about China. We also found AMBER ON THE MOUNTAIN by Tony Jonhston, it had a prairie cover and that's another theme we are fond of in my household. To my amazement both are quality literature living books, that brought me to tears. Both talk about friendships and teaching to read and write, and the impact in life those things have for the characters, one with two boys, one with two girls.
The math finding is volume 13 of Childcraft, called MATHEMAGIC. This time we did the story called the secret word. You read the story and then pick a 3 digit number, the last number has to be two or more than the first numeral, say 254 (4 is two more than 2), or 639 (9 is three more than 6), then take the number you have written and turn it around so that the last numeral in it becomes the first. If your number was 265 you'd now write 562.
Now you have two numbers. Substract the smaller of the two numbers from the larger. Take your answer and turn it around, so that the last numeral becomes the first. Then add the turned-around number to the number that you got when you substracted. This will give you four numerals. Each of the numerals stands for one of the letters in the code on the birchbark. These letters will make a word that you must shout out as loudly as you can if Sinister Hiss (a snake) tries to eat you. (the story was a bullfrog named Ribidip asking badger for what to do if he saw Sinister Hiss. If you don't see the birch-bark it says:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
You should get the word HELP. I did this with my oldest, helping her with the subtraction and process and she read the word, yeah!

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Nancy said...

Is the entire volume 13 called "Mathemagic"? What a great "living math" find!


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