Progress Report and more books

Today we did another reading lesson. My oldest is prepared. She enjoyed the challenge, no complains, no whines. Inspired by Andreola's lesson with "Twinkle, twinkle", we did it this time with a Spanish poem, "La muñeca vestida de azul". I copied it, she illustrated it, and I wrote and cut the words. I laid the words for her to read them and reconstruct the poem. She did great. She can read, recognized some by sight and sound out. I plan to keep doing games with words like this one that she enjoyed.

We continue listening to "Little house in the big woods", and dad is the biggest fan of it. We heard the CD's in our way to services last Sunday and we are more than half way. I now know why many say they are their favorite readings.
Cats books, yes, we have finished these titles:

* Nini Here and There: this is simple, my oldest reads words from it and if it's a struggle I let her say 'pass' which is perfect for her not to get frustrated. I also don't do many. It's my version of "Teaching your child to read with books".
* The Royal Mice by Loretta Krupinski: we all delighted in this book. The cat looks like ours and it's inspired in the writer/illustrator's own cat too.
*My cat copies me, by Yoon-duck Kwon: cats and oriental, what more can you ask for at my household? :)
* I want to play: sweet and similar to the story of Ducktails were the ducks wanted to venture far from the parents.

We also read a couple of simple but poetic books:
* Here comes the night, by Anne Rockwell
* Hush by Minfong Ho, a Caldecott Honor book and one with excellent poetic and musical words

And the best for last, MARVELOUS MATTIE, a true story about How Margaret E. Knight became an inventor.

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