Nicknames and life happenings

We've been enjoying these formidable weather days, my oldest brought me this ladybug so I could take a picture of one of her 'firsts'. I asked them what nicknames they liked for our blog. I think it's a nice idea. My oldest wants to be known to you as BLUE HEART. She loves hearts, she draws our family as a heart shaped dad, mom, and girls. My little one wants to be LITTLE BEAN.

She enjoys the garden and that's what she came up with after I said I'd like to be called ONION MOM. I love onion, to plant it, smell it, eat it (raw or cooked), and to photograph.

We also saw a tulip, remnant from last season, blooming in our planter outside.

tulip 3

LITTLE BEAN was bringing me some onion from our garden, and we've been eating outside and going to the park with our friends from our HS group.


At home we've been learning about the Good Samaritan, (BLUE HEART is reading now, she can read in Spanish sentences such as "El buen samaritano" -The good Samaritan, she wrote the sentence and illustrated the story). We also keep a poetry book she illustrates where I copy a poem and she helps with words and reads them to me. For math we also work on estimation . She estimated "68" cents in the jar, we had 82, and she set that sand clock from our Dutch egg boiler set to see if she could finish counting before time run out.

math 1

We are waiting for my sister's visit, we'll be posting some pictures of her week with us. I forgot, I'm reading "The Great Gatsby". And yes, Ellen and friends, I'll tell you what I think when I finish it.


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Jeanne said...

Love the nicknames!!

I am keen to hear what you think of Gastby. I was looking at it in Borders this morning in fact.

We have only just begun introducing Jemimah to written French. I find her trying to 'Anglicise' the pronunciation of even French words she knows very well. Is Blue Heart doing this?


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